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PRP is derived by isolating plasma from blood and concentrating it. PRP is injected into the bald spots on the scalp to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.


Let us breakdown the PRP procedure step by step:

  1. Blood is drawn from the patient’s arm using a butterfly needle and transferred in the small tube.
  2. The tube is then placed in Centrifuge, a special machine that separates the blood components according to their density. The blood tube rotates in the Centrifuge in a permanent axis. This process takes 10 minutes to complete and blood is separated into 3 layers:
    • Platelets Rich Plasma (Top Layer)
    • White Blood Cells & Platelets (Centre Layer)
    • Red Blood Cells (Base Layer)
  1. The PRP is filled into the syringe and is injected in the areas where there are bald patches on the scalp to enable hair growth.

What is the use of a derma roller in a PRP hair transplant?

Derma Roller is rolled around the scalp area where the PRP injections were used. Derma Roller is a small-sized tool with tiny pointed needles. The equipment is used on the scalp to prompt platelet flow.


How many sessions are required for a PRP hair transplant procedure?

PRP requires 4-6 sessions for the best results. The sessions have monthly gaps. A few months are required so that the healing process can take place without any hindrance.

A single session of PRP treatment takes about 60 – 90 minutes. Some patients might be recommended undergoing a Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) by the Doctor. In this therapy, a low powered laser is emitted on the scalp area to enhance cell function and accelerate the healing process. This process takes an additional 20 – 40 minutes in all.

Precautions to be taken after the PRP procedure:

  • Refrain from rubbing the scalp.
  • Do not apply shampoo immediately after the surgery
  • Avoid direct sun exposure to the scalp
  • Avoid using any kind of chemical on the scalp
  • Do not go swimming or avoid intensive exercise

How long does the hair take to grow after the PRP transplant?

Noticeable hair growth is visible to the naked eye after 6-12 months. The results may differ from person to person.

What is the cost of PRP Treatment?

The PRP hair transplant treatment cost is between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500.

Factors affecting the cost of PRP treatment:

  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Quality of equipment and tools used for the procedure
  • Number of sessions required which depends on the grade of baldness
  • The availability of grafts i.e. if enough grafts are not available on the scalp it needs to be extracted from other body parts. The other body parts are very sensitive to hair removal. Thus, this procedure needs expert’s precision. This leads to an increase in the cost of the PRP procedure.

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Who is eligible for PRP Treatment?

  • PRP is recommended for individuals who have developed bald patches on their scalp due to hair fall and hair thinning over a period.
  • PRP delivers better results on individuals who have faced hair loss issues recently. It does become a challenge in reactivating dormant hair follicles to function again.
  • PRP is not suitable for a totally bald scalp.

Success Rate of PRP Treatment

  • The success rate for PRP treatment is around 60%-50% in male patients. It is observed men regrow around 30% of the hair they’ve lost.
  • The success rate for PRP treatment is around 80%-90% in female patients. Women are observed to get benefited from PRP treatment.

PRP for Hair Regrowth

PRP is the best treatment available with very good result for the patient who has just started losing hair, thinning of hair , female pattern baldness. It is so promising that you may not require hair transplantation in your entire life. PRP treatment is an amazing method for hair restoration without any operative procedure and gives successful results. It is used for treating hair thinning or shedding of hair. It includes injecting of platelet-rich plasma extracted from our own blood, in the balding scalp. In this particular scenario, PRP is used to facilitate the growth of hair post the hair transplant

PRP  Procedure involves

Extraction of the blood: Approximately 7-30 ml of blood sample is drawn depending. on the area of the scalp to be treated.

Separation of platelets in a centrifuge: The drawn blood is kept in the tubes which are then centrifuged for the separation of the plasma and other blood cells.

Extraction of platelet-rich plasma: The platelet-rich plasma is then separated with caution so that it doesn’t mix with the platelet less plasma and red blood cells.

Injecting platelet-rich plasma: PRP formula is then injected on every square cm over the thinning area using small-sized needles


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