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FUE Transplant by La Densitae

Difference between hair extensions and hair transplant

Do you feel disappointed by seeing the beautiful and stylish hair of any celebrity?Do you feel that your genetic structure is not that good to have beautiful hair like a star?However, in many cases, the celebrity or star may be

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hair treatment in pune

What to Expect After your Hair Transplant?

Many people in Pune and Kerala are turning to hair transplants as a solution to their baldness issues. However, most people are concerned about the outcomes of a hair transplant. So, they look for the best hair transplant in Pune and Kerala.Are

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How to choose a clinic for your hair transplant treatment in Pune?

A hair transplant is the most successful solution for your rapid hair loss or male pattern baldness. Many options are available as a hair fall treatment, but nothing can stand in comparison to hair transplant treatment.Hence, the treatment is gaining

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hair treatment in pune

Smoking and Hair Loss- Is There a Connection?

Many people in Pune are smokers, and you may find something common in every one of them. Yes, they are either having fewer hairs or are completely bald. So, is there a link between smoking and hair loss?Many people are

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hair treatment in pune

Female Hair Transplant in Pune: All you need to know

Hair loss has become a common problem for most women in Pune. Most of their hair loss problems cannot be solved by medications. So, more and more women are looking into female hair transplant in Pune as a permanent treatment

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realtime fue sapphire transplant in bangalore

The link between Testosterone and Hair Loss

Are you in the age group between forty and fifty? Your hair fall can be due to the fluctuating testosterone levels. Want to know what that is?Testosterone is a male sex hormone. It is useful for several purposes, including the

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Hair transplant surgery

What precautions should one take after a hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery is a turning point in cosmetic surgery that has changed a lot of lives. But while we focus on the actual surgery so much, we forget to keep in mind what happens after the surgery.   After-care is just as

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