Low Light Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Why Low light laser therapy is better?

LLLT is a non surgical approach to treat hair loss. It is painless and does not cause
burning or scarring of the skin. Laser therapy works by increasing blood flow to the
scalp and to the hair follicles.

LLLT treats hair loss and has proven to improve the appearance of quality of hair, hair
strength, and hair thickness in addition to promoting hair growth.

Benefits of Low level laser therapy

Generally, you’ll go through the treatment two or three instances every week for the primary six weeks, then once a week for 16 weeks. Each session normally lasts round 20 minutes. There are several benefits to do the laser therapy at La Densitae center:

you’ll get more potent laser cap session
you will get precise amount of laser
At La Densitae you have got an experts who will have a look at and monitors the laser cap.
It is so much simpler to permit the physician do the technique for you

The procedure works in such a way that it stimulates the region across the scalp to supply red blood cells. These red blood cells will increase the quantity of oxygen attaining the scalp

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