Body hair transplant

Is your hair thinning on the entire scalp?

Do you want to opt for a hair transplant method?

But you do not have dense hair on your back scalp for transplantation.

    At La Densitae Hair Transplant Clinic, we provide the best hair transplant even though you have scalp hair scarcity. If you have lower hair density on the scalp, we perform a body hair transplant to use the body’s hair to fill in small, thinned areas.   

Why choose La Densitae Hair Transplant Centre for Body Hair Transplant?

  • Dr. Gajanan Jadhao, who heads the center, is known as one of Pune’s best hair transplant surgeons. He is a skilled and competent surgeon with a high rate of success in hair transplant procedures.
  • Most of Dr. Gajanan Jadhao are satisfied with their hair transplant procedures performed by him.
  • La Densitae Hair Transplant Centre strives to serve the premium aesthetic treatments with personalized attention. We are developing and progressing in our techniques so that our clients get the top level of satisfaction.
  • La Densitae makes the entire process of body hair transplant easy and comfortable. Our center has cutting edge facilities that match international standards. Our surgeons’ team is well-trained and qualified, who ensures that you get the best body hair transplant in Pune.
  • For a body hair transplant, our surgeons use the FUE technique. This technique does not leave any scars and has a faster recovery rate. Hence, you can choose the body hair transplant at La Densitae without the fear of any flaw.

Now, let’s introduce you to this alternative option of obtaining hair grafts from other body parts: Body Hair Transplant.

Body hair transplants offer a dual purpose by bringing undesired body hair to the scalp, which is more productive. BHTs (body hair transplant) increase the available donor hair supply for patients with full-body hair.

Body hair transplant is a promising alternative, and you can opt for it as a substitute for other hair transplant options. Body hair transplantation methods are also useful to transplant hair from scars caused by accidents.

We at La Densitae provide body hair transplant at all our branches, but they have gained popularity in the following location:

  1. Pune: A city like Pune which is highly populated has a high demand for hair transplant procedures which will include taking our grafts from other areas of the body because the grafts on the scalp are not sufficient to get the desired density. Hence, Body Hair Transplant is one of the high used techniques of hair transplant in Pune.
  2. Kolhapur: La Densitae Hair transplant centre in Kolhapur has witnessed hundreds of body hair transplants due to its popularity and many benefits that it provides. Our clients are very satisfied with the results due to our expertise in performing the procedure.
  3. Kerala: Body hair transplant is one of the highly performed techniques of hair transplant in Kerala. The hair transplant cost in Kerala is affordable as we provide EMI facility to help the patient make the payment easily.

Now the question that must be popping into your mind is,

How much does Body Hair Transplant costs?

The cost of body hair transplants is lower than other types of hair transplants, as they take longer due to less dense body transplants. It often allows for lower costs per transplant than other forms of transplantation, such as hair removal. It depends on the number of grafts needed to restore hair and the size of the treated area, and the type of transplant.

Let us know

The actual process of Body Hair Transplantation

  • Body hair transplantation uses the same extraction principle as FUE, but the hair removal takes place from other body parts rather than the scalp.
  • The number of grafts required is higher because a body hair follicle generally provides one hair per follicle.
  • Body hair transplantation occurs in various ways, such as removing a strip of scalp, transplanting it into the skin, or even using a hair extractor.
  • Some of the best results in body hair transplantation come from beards and hair at the nape of the neck, but we utilize body hair from different body parts in some patients.
  • One thing to consider before a body hair transplant is that the hair in other parts of the body is different in hair quality from that on the head. It is preferable to avoid any differences in the hair in these areas before a hair transplant, as body hair is the most similar to the hair structure.
  • Patients should be aware of these differences before deciding to have a hair transplant. There is a difference between body hair transplants and routine hair removal procedures, and it seems that patients should recognize this before having a body hair transplant.

Body Hair Transplantation offers various advantages including

  • The benefit of body hair transplantation through the FUE technique is that it achieves a natural result and protects the donor region from trauma.
  • The FUE procedure also offers more opportunities to the donor site, as it allows the hair grafts extraction from other body parts.
  • You get a considerable amount of grafts to cover the bald spots on the head.
  • The results obtained by beard hair grafts can, in some cases, as good as those of head hair grafts.
  • A person can get rid of unwanted hair on the body and use it for other required purposes.
  • Body hair transplants are a promising alternative for hair loss or other diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and other conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Support Hotline

When can you shave after a beard BHT procedure?

You can shave on the third day itself. Beard heals faster than the scalp. Shaving will help cleanse the donor area and will reduce scar formation by removing crusts.
We can obtain around 500-600 hair grafts from the chest. The chest typically provides anagen hair of quality from the two breast mounds including from over the sternum.
Yes. It has been observed with the growing use of body hair grafts today that the transplanted hair grafts gradually acquire features of scalp hair in terms of quality, texture, and color.
No, if your surgeon administers adequate anesthesia. Also, the harvest speed is essential since the effect of the anesthesia wear off by soon.
Yes, your surgeon can perform the body to scalp hair transplant in a single day. You may require a second sitting if chest hair grafting is needed as it a time-consuming process.

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