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Are signs of aging making you feel uncomfortable?
Are you looking for an antiaging treatment in Pune?
Though becoming older every day is a natural phenomenon yet, antiaging treatment at La Densitae in Pune can be your best option to fight aging signs.
Dr. Gajanan Jadhao performs the best antiaging treatment in Pune. We are always the most modern and most updated clinic as per the current medical needs. Our chief has profound knowledge and 8+ years of experience in performing various cosmetic treatments.
We have the most talented and well-skilled team to assist us with our treatments.

What is antiaging treatment?

You will experience your eyebrows are drooping, and eyelids are getting hooked as you grow older. Your face starts sagging and makes your jawline blunt. You will develop wrinkles in your forehead and area around your mouth. Your skin will gradually lose the natural glow, develop pigmentation, and become dull day by day.

No one can stop aging and its signs, but you can restore your natural and youthful appearance by availing best antiaging treatment.

Various types of antiaging treatments:

We at La Densitae in Pune offer you customized treatment plants according to your requirements.
  • Laser Treatment: A laser treatment is the most effective procedure for antiaging therapy. We use laser treatment for treating mild to severe cases of aging signs. Here, we use a controlled, concentrated laser beam. It helps us to get the perfect result. The method is beneficial and a non-surgical method.
  • Facelift: Facelift is a surgical process that gives you long-lasting freedom from aging signs. The procedure takes more time for recovery than any other antiaging treatment.
  • Chemical peel: In chemical peeling, we use a particular type of acidic component. The component helps to peel away your skin’s external layer. As a result, you get freedom from all of your age spots and patches from the skin. You get a pure and brighter and skin tone. You may need more than one session to see the best results.

Botulinum toxins A: It is the most commonly performed antiaging treatment. We inject the Botulinum toxins A fillers into your affected area of skin. Within a few days, you can see remarkable changes.

  • Dermabrasion: In this treatment, we use a customized rotating brush to remove your skin’s outer layer. It helps to get smoother and healthy skin. The recovery time is about one week to one month, according to the conditions of your skin.
  • Thermage: Thermage gives rise to new and healthy skin cells. You get a younger appearance of your skin because the treatment is beneficial in stimulating your skin cells.


Along with all these procedures, we perform Ulthera, Dermal filler also for treating your aging signs.


What is the cost of antiaging treatment?

The cost of antiaging treatment is not the same for all. It depends upon your requirements and the treatment plan. Various methods of antiaging therapies are available for you. Each of them is having a different level of effectiveness in reducing your aging signs. So, book an appointment to know the best procedure for your treatment and the exact cost for that.

What are the benefits of antiaging treatment?

The benefits of antiaging treatment are many folds starting from beautiful skin to utmost confidence. Followings are the main advantages of antiaging treatments-
It reduces the signs of aging like wrinkles, patches on your skin.
You will get youthful and firm looking skin after the treatment.
It helps to remove all the suntan and freckles from your skin.
Your appearance will enhance aesthetically.
The therapy boosts your self-esteem.
You will experience the increased chances of job security.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Which method is most suitable for me?

As we know that there are various methods, avail at La Densitae antiaging clinic. Here our doctor will help you to find the most appropriate treatment for you. At first, we will perform a proper examination of your skin condition and recommend the remedy for you.
The antiaging treatment at La Densitae clinic is safe as our expert cosmetologist performs the treatment. So, there is the least chance of any side effects. You may develop mild irritation, redness, and sensitivity in your skin after the treatment. But all of these will go away within a few days.
No, we at La Densitae take care of your comfort. As a result, we perform the treatment at least painlessly.
Generally, we perform antiaging treatments where you have wrinkles and other signs of aging. Most commonly, we perform the medicine in your face and neck.
Experts say that skin aging starts around the age of twenty. Yet, we advise you to wait until 30 years of age for availing of clinical treatments.

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