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La densitae the Hair Clinic is offering all modalities of treatment with latest techniques like AFUE Hair Transplantation, PRP / Stem Cell Therapy, Low-Level Laser Therapy
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Skin Rejuvenation

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Look Younger with our Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Skin rejuvenation is no more remained invasive, painful or expensive. In truth natural anti growing older from the inner will generate more youthful looking skin for you if you apprehend the way it works.

The pores and skin rejuvenation technique is a way of reversing many visible signs of getting older so that you can have younger looking pores and skin. Skin rejuvenation can decrease wrinkles and lines on older skin as well as company free and sagging areas, leaving you with extraordinarily younger looking pores and skin.

Various Cosmetic Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation is a cosmetic treatment which is done to restore a youthful appearance to the skin. At La Densitae we provide our patients with the best skin Rejuvenation options such as IPL lasers, Nd YAG, hydrafacial, Microdermabrasion, Platelet enriched plasma for face , chemical peels etc.

Depending on the patients individual need our cosmetologist will choose a treatment best suited for your skin type and condition. You may require series of treatment to achieve a desired result. Not only women but even male’s can go for these treatments for a youthful look.

Our Services

La densitae Hair Clinic is offering all modalities of treatment with latest Techniques in Hair Transplantation, Platelet enriched plasma / Autologous regenerative treatment, Low-Level Laser Therapy & Medical Management of early Hair loss & Skin problems.


The best hair Transplant technique with 100% success results

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the ‘Donar area’, to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’. The technique is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. There are various methods under hair transplant Surgery. We at La Densitae primarily do FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) methods.


La densitae providing best Acne treatment solutions

Platelet enriched plasma is the best treatment available with very good result for the patient who has just started losing hair, thinning of hair , female pattern baldness.
It is so promising that you may not require hair transplantation in your entire life.


Caring For Skin Of Our Community

We have advanced Q switched ND Yag laser for tattoo removal, navi removal, birth mark removal, Hyperpigmentation removal, dark spot removal etc.

We have Elight IPL machine use for skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, breast lift, hair removal etc .


Dealing with the Pigmentation problems

Hyperpigmentation is the name that healthcare professionals give to patches of skin that become darker than surrounding areas of skin. Types of hyperpigmentation include age spots, melasma, and post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

las densitae has various ways treatments procedures to remove the pigmentation.


Get the skin you wanted with la densitae skin rejuvenation treatment

Facial rejuvenation is a cosmetic treatment which aims to restore a youthful appearance to the human face. Below are the procedures we do at La Densitae. we have advanced Q switched ND Yag laser for tattoo removal, navi removal, birthmark removal, Hyperpigmentation removal, dark spot removal etc.

We have Elight IPL machine use for skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, breast lift, hair removal etc .


AFUE treatment no scar, no pain, no surgery

Under this method, individual follicular units containing 1-4 hairs are removed under local anaesthesia. This micro removal typically uses tiny punches of between 0.6mm and 1.0mm in diameter. The surgeon then uses very small micro blades or fine needles to puncture the sites for receiving the grafts, placing them in a predetermined density and pattern, and angling the wounds in a consistent fashion to promote a realistic hair pattern. The technicians generally do the final part of the procedure, inserting the individual grafts in place.


Hair Transplants


Different Services


Platelet Enriched Plasma Treatments


Patients Satisfaction

Patients Talking About us

I had very good experience in ladensitae hair transplant center in pune, thank you dr. Jadhao and dr.shashi and all staff. I am really appericiated my result

Amol Deshmukh

After researching around 30+ clinics and their packages I underwent hair transplant at La Densitae on 25th Dec 2019. Dr. Gajanan Jadhao operated me, It's been one month since my surgery & I feel this is the right time to give this review so all of you wanting to undergo hair transplant can gain from my experience.

Aseem Shaikh

I had a comfortable hair transplant surgery at La Densitae. Dr. Jadhao is excellent with their work and their experienced team. I recommend La Densitae to everyone who is worried about hair fall or wants hair transplant.

Altaf Hussain

I have done my hair transplant 6 months ago at La Densitae. Very happy with the results Dr Jadhao is expert at his work. The entire staff is very cooperative too.

Asif Shaikh

I had very good experience and am very much satisfied with my overall process of hair transplant. Felt relaxed throughout the procedure. Doctor and all the staff are very cooperative, staff is well trained. Dr Jadhav has very rich experience and deep knowledge of transplant process. Highly recommended for FUE hair transplant.

Mohammed Shoaib

Be honest. I would like to say it just a 2nd life to my hair's. Please do visit and i prefer to do transplant from the clinic. Appreciate to technician and doctor.

D Somesh

I am very much thankful to la densitae hair transplant clinic and their team, I have very good results in almost 5 months got good hair line. I can recommend others to visit la densitae clinic for any hair related problems they have best team of experts and solutions available in the market today with 100% quality results.

Chef Shiv

Extremely happy and relieved that finally my hair fall issue was addressed and treated by Dr. Gajanan Jadhao. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.!!

Pallavi Asj

I had done my hair transplant surgery before 1 year ago and i am very happy for my result. very good experience for me in ladensitae hair transplant center.

Abhijeet Babar

Best hair clinic in pune for hair transplant treatment and cosmetic surgery, Doctors and staff are very friendly. I had very nice experience over here. Thank you so much mam. highly recommended for Hair transplant and Platelet enriched plasma treatment

Vijay Awad


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