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Why is La Densitae special for Beard Transplant?

We at La Densitae have the best team of doctors and technicians. We provide the best beard hair transplant in all our centres across India.

Our Chief surgeon Dr. Gajanan Jadhao established this clinic to provide premium quality treatment to our patients. His more than 8 years of experience as a trichologist makes him one of India’s best hair transplant doctors.

La Densitae got the ‘Best Hair Transplant Center award’ in the Marathwada region due to his dedication and hard work.

We provide beard transplant at our following centres:

Pune: Pune is a city of hustle and bustle where men love to be in style. Beard transplant is one of the highly performed hair transplant in Pune as men love to have and maintain thick and dense beard for a bolder look. The procedure used is the same as hair transplant only the hair transplant cost in Pune varies depending on the technique used.

Kerala: Our La Densitae hair transplant centre in Kerala has performed 500+ beard transplants since its inception as there is a high demand for beard transplants at this location. We have a record of providing optimum results of beard hair transplant. Our highly skilled hair transplant surgeons provide optimum treatment at an affordable hair transplant cost in Kerala.

Aurangabad: We also provide premium quality beard hair transplant in Aurangabad for men looking for a better beard line and to naturally grow dense beard.

The most significant feature of a bold and masculine appearance is the beard. As it has become compulsory to look handsome for everyone, the importance of a beard has increased.

Reports have shown that a good number of women feel very attracted to the men having facial hair. They think that the rough texture of the beard produces a well built and powerful image. Eventually, that makes them more desirable.

Why is La Densitae special for Beard Transplant?

Everybody does not have the desired density of beards. The reason behind this are genetic issues, injury, burn, surgery, alopecia barbae, etc.

This uneven, imperfect beard growth can lead you to depression.

You may have used many topical treatments like cosmetic lotions, beard oils etc. to get rid of this problem. But those treatments were not able to give you the desired result.

In such cases, a beard transplant is the only available option for you.

What is a Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant is a kind of hair restoration treatment that is gaining high popularity these days.

It is a harmless cosmetic surgery that takes minimum time to perform. But it gives a long-lasting result and easy recovery from surgery.

It is just a hair follicle implantation procedure in the bald section of your beard area. Our doctor removes hair follicles or grafts individually from your donor area then transplants them into the problem area.

Within a few months, the newly transplanted hair will grow and give you the desired density of beard on your face.

The Process of Beard Transplant:

The process we perform in our clinic is of two types

The process we perform in our clinic is of two types

  • At first, we shave your scalp and facial hair.
  • Then we give local anesthesia to your scalp and face.
  • Then our doctor performs Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method for your beard transplant.
  • Our doctor removes the required number of hair grafts from side or back of your head
  • after that implants them into the problem area of your face.

Follicles from the jawline

  • Here also we shave your facial hair at first.
  • Then we give local anesthesia to your beard area.
  • Then, we perform the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method for your beard transplant.
  • Our doctor removes the required number of hair grafts from your jawline region
  • after that implants them into the problem area of your face.

Why is it preferred?

Both the process of follicle excision from scalp or jawline is preferred because, in both cases, the number of hair grafts we get is very high.

Even the characteristics and texture of hair grafts from the jawline area are the same as the beard area.

Number of Grafts You Require

The required number of grafts depends on:

  • How much beard you have before the transplant?
  • How much density do you want?
  • How much area of your beard you need to cover?

On average, you will require 3000 hair grafts one by one for a transplant.

Beard Hair Transplant Cost

Beard transplant cost varies from case to case. Depending upon the density, the number of grafts and requirements of patients’ transplantation cost changes.

The approximate cost of a beard transplant Rs. 25 to Rs. 50 per graft

To know precisely about your beard transplant price, we suggest you consult with a doctor at our clinic.

Advantages of Beard Hair Transplant
  • Beard hair transplant is the most secure and effective treatment that lasts permanently
  • It is the least painful procedure.
  • It requires local anesthesia for the surgery.
  • It requires only 2 to 6 hours duration for the transplant to complete. So, you do not need to stay in the clinic overnight
  • The recovery time is significantly less in comparison to the other surgical treatments
  • The treatment does not have any long-term side effects
  • Transplanted hair grows as a regular beard
  • You can even shave and style your beard regularly as per your preference

Precautions to be taken

Pre – Surgery
  • Do not take medicines which contain aspirin from ten days before the surgery
  • Stop smoking and having alcohol before your surgery
  • Stop having caffeine before your surgery
  • Start taking vitamin-C, one week before the surgery
Post – Surgery
  • Take all the medicines as your doctor prescribes.
  • Avoid exposer to the sun.
  • Do not try to swim until your doctor advises
  • Wait for at least ten days before resuming shaving after the hair transplant surgery.
  • You may face mild bruising, swelling, redness, or infection. Do not worry; these will go after a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions


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What are the side effects of beard hair transplant?

The common side effects are,

You may feel

  1. itching and irritation
  2. a little bit of swelling in the treated area
  3. soreness and redness in the treated area
  4. temporary crusts
The hair growth resumes within the upcoming three months from surgery. But the complete result will be visible after ten months.
Yes, obviously, in a beard transplant, we follow the same hair transplant process. It is the most effective and permanent solution without having any side effects.
If you lack proper hair growth on your face beard area or mustache due to genetic disorder, injury, surgery, burn, etc. you are at least 20 years old; then, you can go for a beard hair transplant.

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