Advanced Non Touch Fue-Hair Transplant

La Densitae, headed by Dr.Gajanan Jadhao, is one of the best hair transplant clinics offering advanced non-touch FUE. Our AFUE technique is a combination of FUE hair transplant and Platelet Rich Plasma

In this procedure, our hair transplant surgeon will extract individual hair grafts from the donor area. After the extraction, these hair grafts will be left in the Platelet Rich Plasma solution to nourish and encourage the grafts’ survival.

It is among the most sought-after techniques for hair transplant in Pune and many other areas for its outstanding results.

Let us get into more detail about AFUE hair transplant.

How is the procedure for AFUE performed?

Advance FUE differs from the regular FUE in terms of the treatment that the follicles undergo during the procedure. This is how the AFUE procedure is conducted:
  • The transplant starts with shaving and washing the head. After that, we inject local anaesthesia into the scalp.
  • Once the anaesthesia takes effect, the hair transplant begins, with our hair transplant surgeon extracting the hair follicles from the donor area. The extraction happens using a micro – punching tool.
  • These extracted follicles are bathed in a protein-rich growth serum (Platelet Rich Plasma), extracted from your blood.
  • While your hair follicles are in the Platelet Rich Plasma solution, we design your hairline for graft implantation.
  • The nourished grafts are then implanted according to the design on the bald area to get natural results. Our aim is to implant 40 to 50 hair grafts per square centimetre for larger density.

Recovery time of AFUE

We have mentioned the approximate recovery time after the procedure:

  • Day 1 – You can go home on the same day after surgery.
  • Day 2 – You must visit the hair transplant clinic to dress the extracted and implanted area.
  • Day 3 – You must stay at home and take a rest.
  • Day 4 – You can go back to work.
  • Day 8 – You must visit the clinic to clean the implanted region so that no scars are visible.


Yes, because of this advanced technique, after 8 days, no one can tell that you have undergone a hair transplant surgery. Hence, Dr. Gajanan Jadhao’s advanced non-touch FUE technique is the best technique for hair transplant in Kerala, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, and Nashik.

Benefits of AFUE hair transplant:

 Faster healing with no discomfort.

 Shorter time spent on the surgery chair.

 The method is ideal for both men and women.

 More hair transplant options (body, face, eyebrows).

 Better survival of hair follicles until implantation.

 Natural results without any scars.

With medical sciences making breakthroughs, advanced non-touch FUE is a step ahead in the hair transplant domain. This advancement makes the procedures more effective and improves the chances of healthy, natural-looking hair.

Results of an AFUE hair transplant

After an AFUE hair transplant, the hair grows at a natural rate. It undergoes a full growth cycle — from the anagen to the telogen phase. So, your first hair will appear at the transplanted area after 2–3 months, with the complete result visible after 12–16 months

Cost of AFUE at La Densitae

In advanced non-touch FUE, we combine the usual FUE technique with Platelet Rich Plasma. We also call this technique BioFUE.

For AFUE, we charge between Rs. 25 to Rs. 50 per hair graft. The average hair transplant cost in Kerala and other La Densitae Clinic locations for 1000 grafts using AFUE ranges between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000.

We highly recommend the AFUE technique to our patients as it provides natural-looking results with faster recovery.

Why should you choose La Densitae Hair Transplant Clinic?

  • At La Densitae, you will receive an AFUE hair transplant from one of the best hair transplant surgeons, Dr. Gajanan Jadhao, and his well-qualified team.
  • Dr. Gajanan Jadhao has expertise in AFUE hair transplant techniques and is known for implanting maximum hair grafts in a single sitting.
  • At La Densitae Clinic, our team has successfully performed 4456+ hair transplants and has satisfied 5054+ patients till today for various hair treatments.
  • Our clinic has advanced, state of the art technologies and operation theatres for hair restoration and all skin care procedures.
  • We also offer easy EMI payment options so that everyone can opt for our advanced hair transplant techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Who can undergo an FUE hair transplant?

  • You must be in a good state of health.
  • Your hair loss should be in a specific area and not diffused all over the scalp.
  • If you are a man with male pattern baldness.
  • If you are a woman with thinning hair.
  • If you have hair loss due to scalp injury or burn.

The time needed for AFUE hair transplant surgery depends on the level of baldness. It also depends on the number of grafts you require for implantation. 

  • For up to 1000 grafts, it takes about 2 to 3 hours.
  • For up to 2000 grafts, it takes about 5 to 6 hours.
  • For implanting more than 4000 hair grafts, it might take 2 sessions.

 Our team ensures that you get maximum grafts appropriately implanted in a single session.

Yes, with our AFUE technique, no one can tell that you have undergone hair transplant surgery. The result will give you a younger-looking appearance and natural hair.

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