EMI Option Available

EMI Option Available on Hair Transplant

Hair transplant treatment has become the widely accepted procedure to protect you from massive hair loss and baldness. It can produce the most reliable results without any side effects for the long run.
Having beautiful hair is not only a matter what you want in 21st century. Rather it has become a matter of need for everyone. Specially the millennials, who always want to be on the top of their games, appearance is very important.
But many times, we have seen that the high rate of inflation and not so healthy economic condition is making the affordability a matter of high concern.
Do you want to have a hair transplant surgery?
But worried about the high expenses?

Let’s see how La Densitae hair transplant centre can help you in terms of expenses.

Like most of the cosmetic surgeries hair transplant is rarely covered by any health insurance policy because the treatment is not for improving your health conditions. Whereas, the craze for getting well defined hair line and thick density has become necessity for all.

So, avail the EMI facility of La Densitae with flexible schedules.

If you are going to opt hair transplant treatment at La Densitae we can provide you with easy EMI options. Here the repayment instalment will be Rs. 4000 to Rs. 10,000 per month.


So, what is the cost of hair transplant surgery for you?

Honestly speaking there is no fixed cost for hair transplant treatment. It depends on the severity of your hair damage and the requirements of hair grafts for your surgery. Though our hair transplant surgeon suggests the required number of hair grafts for your surgery yet, your decision will be the ultimate.

Other than this the factors like the surgery procedure, experience of your surgeon, nature of your hair loss and the location of the clinic paly important role in deciding the cost.

Generally, we charge Rs. 20 to Rs.30 for each hair graft wile performing a hair transplant treatment.

What are the advantages of EMI plan to pay your bills?

Opting for a no cost EMI is the best way top finance your hair transplant treatment unless you have sufficient amount of money. The advantages of EMI while availing a hair transplant are as follows-

  • Flexible repayments –Flexible repayment is the prime advantage of availing an EMI option. The tenure of these EMIs are also as per your requirements. You can choose a time period between 3 months to 24 months for repayment of your treatment cost.
  • Easy affordability – With the rising rate of inflation in medical field a hair transplant treatment requires high expenses. But EMI makes it easy to repay the treatment cost.

The EMI facility is available at all of our clinics such as-


So, book your appointment with us to avail our EMI supported hair transplant treatment nearest to you for the best results.

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