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La densitae the Hair Clinic is offering all modalities of treatment with latest techniques like AFUE Hair Transplantation, PRP / Stem Cell Therapy, Low-Level Laser Therapy
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April 2021

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FUE Transplant by La Densitae

Difference between hair extensions and hair transplant

Do you feel disappointed by seeing the beautiful and stylish hair of any celebrity?Do you feel that your genetic structure is not that good to have beautiful hair like a star?However, in many cases, the celebrity or star may be

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hair fall treatment

What are the various hair fall treatment options?

Hair fall affects your whole body, and you may experience little to massive hair loss. It may occur due to heredity, hormonal fluctuations, medical disorders, or simply ageing. However, men are more likely than women to lose hair on their

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FUE Transplant by La Densitae

Hair transplant can damage your existing hair- Reality or Myth?

A hair transplant can be a complex surgical procedure. It is enough for people in Pune to be anxious, just worrying about the consequences.However, advanced medical devices, on the other hand, guarantee better success rates and more rewarding outcomes after

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