What are the various hair fall treatment options?

What are the various hair fall treatment options?

Hair fall affects your whole body, and you may experience little to massive hair loss. It may occur due to heredity, hormonal fluctuations, medical disorders, or simply ageing. However, men are more likely than women to lose hair on their heads. 

Continuous hair loss from the scalp may lead to baldness. As you become older, you experience massive hair loss. You may think that you can cover up hair loss symptoms by changing your hairstyle or using a cap and scarf. But these techniques will not help you if the hair fall is on a large scale. 

Hair fall is a huge concern for people in Pune, as nobody wants to be bald. So, looking for a proper hair fall treatment to regain healthy hair on your scalp is their prime requirement.

However, a hair loss treatment in Pune can help you get back your lost hair within few days. There are numerous treatments available in the market, starting from medications to hair transplant treatment in Pune.

Consult our hair transplant surgeon in Pune to know the cause of your hair loss and recovery choices before seeking hair loss treatment.

So, how does the diagnosis of your hair fall go?

Your doctor will most likely perform a physical exam and inquire about your diet, hair care regime, your family records before making a diagnosis. 

A blood test is required. This could aid in the discovery of medical problems that cause your hair loss.

We may perform a biopsy of your scalp as well. We will take a sample of your scalp to examine that in the laboratory. 

Now let us see the available hair fall treatment in Pune

There are many effective treatments available for certain forms of hair loss. These techniques can stop or at least delay your hair loss. Medications and surgery are two main options for treating hair loss.

Prescription drugs

If an underlying disorder causes your hair loss, you’ll need to get medication for the condition. Our doctor may encourage you to avoid taking a particular drug for a few months if it is the cause of your hair loss.

Medicines can treat hereditary baldness as well. The following are the most popular choices:

Minoxidil: It is a form of medication that you can get anywhere very quickly. Apply the cream to the scalp skin once a day for women and twice a day to get the best results. You can take minoxidil as oral medication too.

Finasteride: This prescription medicine is for men. You need to take one pill of this medicine for a continuous period. If you start taking finasteride, you will see a lesser hair loss. You may need a few months to see the outcome. 

Platelet-enriched Plasma and Mesotherapy: Platelet enriched plasma and mesotherapy are two famous hair loss treatment procedures in our hair transplant clinic in Pune. Both the treatment are performed using injections. 

In platelet-enriched plasma, we use your blood’s platelet-rich plasma to boost the hair growth on your scalp. We inject different effective ingredients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, plant extracts, and other medicines to stimulate your hair follicles in mesotherapy. 

The treatments go for multiple sessions on regular gaps and may take near about one year to see the result. 

Hair transplant surgery: It is a procedure that involves the transplantation of healthy hair follicles from the back of your scalp. 

Hair transplantation, also known as regeneration surgery, will help you cover most of your scalp. 

In Pune, we extract hair follicles from the rear area of the head. After that, we transplant them to the bald region. We generally perform the FUE hair transplant technique for your hair transplant on the bald scalp.  

We apply local anaesthesia while performing the treatment. It helps you to relax while treating. Bleeding, swelling, redness, infection, and inflammation can occur as post-treatment side effects.

But all of these are temporary. You may need to avail more than one surgery to have the desired coverage. 

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