Type 2 Androgenetic Alopecia Treated with FUE Hair Transplant and PRP Therapy

Overview : Hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia is a widespread problem. It is one of the leading causes requiring hair transplant in Lucknow. This inherited condition affects both men and women. Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, affects men in their adolescent years. This disorder is characterized by a receding hairline and persistent […]

Alopecia Areata Treated Using FUE Hair Transplant

Overview : One of the most prevalent reasons people seek a hair transplant in Pune is alopecia areata. It is a condition that causes hair to fall out in small, unnoticeable patches. Gradually, these patches begin to unite and become visible. Alopecia areata is a hair loss condition that occurs when the immune system targets the hair […]

2000 hair grafts hair transplant treatment

Overview : Hair fall is a prevalent issue for people in Pune. Along with the environmental and external factors, people here mainly experience hereditary hair loss. The malfunction of testosterone in the body leads to hair loss and baldness among people. Though it can occur to any person yet, baldness is most relevant for males […]

3500 hair grafts hair transplant treatment

Overview : In Pune, Hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia is widespread. It is the leading cause of hair transplants treatment requirements in Pune. Both men and women are affected by this hereditary disease. Men with androgenetic alopecia, commonly called male pattern baldness, lose hair in their teens or early twenties. A receding hairline and the […]

Hair transplant treatment with 3500 hair grafts

Overview : If you are suffering from a massive hair fall, you must take care of it. If left untreated, then it may lead you to baldness as well. Whatever the reason for your hair loss and baldness, a hair transplant treatment in Pune can provide you with a permanent solution. Hair loss due to male pattern […]

Treatment of androgenetic alopecia by using FUE method in Pune

Overview : A hair transplant in Pune is the best solution for massive hair loss and baldness. It ends all your worries about hair loss permanently.  Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is one of the main reasons for this massive hair loss in Pune people. It can occur in both male and female, but mostly […]

Hairline Recession Near Temples treated using FUE Hair Transplant

Overview : One of the most common causes for hair transplant in Kerala is hairline recession near the temple. Men and women both experience receding hairlines, but men experience it more often. It is one of the earliest signs of male pattern baldness, and it is affected by several things. While there is no single symptom of […]

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