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Hair transplant can damage your existing hair- Reality or Myth?

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Hair transplant can damage your existing hair- Reality or Myth?

A hair transplant can be a complex surgical procedure. It is enough for people in Pune to be anxious, just worrying about the consequences.

However, advanced medical devices, on the other hand, guarantee better success rates and more rewarding outcomes after having a hair transplant in Pune. Rather than being nervous about the hair transplant cost in Pune, you should contact us.

This article will discuss what to expect, potential risks, and some common theories about this cosmetic technique.

What happens to your existing hair after a hair transplant?

Hair loss following a hair transplant is often mistaken as a negative thing. But that is not the truth. It is a common misconception that hair transplants damage natural hair all over the scalp. On the opposite, only a small percentage of your present hair at the transplant site will be affected temporarily.

Our hair transplant surgeon in Pune extracts hair follicles from the donor site on the scalp and implants them into your scalp’s balding area.

The lengths of the hair steadily decrease as a result of this treatment. The miniaturized hair around the receiver site inevitably falls out. However, the surgeon typically implants into the miniaturized hair to ensure a better success rate after hair transplant treatment.

This condition is common on the recipient site, where our hair transplant surgeon inserts the hair grafts. It decreases blood supply to the scalp, resulting in hair falling out. However, this hair loss is temporary. The hair will regrow on the scalp after a few months.

The only aspect you have to think about is ensuring the grafts are adequately mounted and remain in place. Keep in mind that only the fully grown hair strands come out from the follicles. The roots remain intact within the follicle. It allows potential hair to regrow.

So, in response to your query, “Does hair fall after a hair transplant?” the answer is yes. However, this hair fall is not a permanent one.

So, what are the causes of the damage to your hair follicles?

Although hair thinning or even short time hair loss is normal following a transplant, there can be some long-term hair damage as well.

Long-term hair damage is an indication that the operation was not performed correctly. And there may be a variety of explanations for the failure of the procedure.

So, what are the most common reasons?

The surgeon’s inexperience:

Hair transplantation is an essential and straightforward technique that requires serious surgery. It will affect the end outcome if a cosmetologist does not have any previous experience of performing it.

You most likely experience no hair growth at the transplant site. However, there will be a possibility of suffering from long-term hair thinning, hair fall, and lifelong scarring.

You should do your homework before having n appointment with a physician. Examine their certifications, training, and level of clinical expertise regarding hair transplants. It is essential, and you cannot overlook the matter.

The surgeon’s lack of knowledge increases the chance of complications for the patient. As a result, be cautious when selecting a hair transplant surgeon in Pune for the operation.

Injury to the newly transplanted hair follicles:

The aftercare is more critical than the treatment in the case of a hair transplant. There is a risk of injury to the implanted grafts if your surgeon does not provide proper care.

This increases the risk of complications and obstructs proper hair regrowth in the receiver area of the scalp.

The reaction of medication:

Another issue that arises after a hair transplant is an unusual response to the drugs. If you are experiencing uncontrollable hair loss following the transplant, you must meet with your consulting surgeon before things worsen.

Your surgeon will even tell you whether your hair loss is caused by a side effect from any medications you are taking or not.

To know more about the treatment and hair transplant cost in Pune, book an appointment with us.



Dr. Gajanan Jadhao

I am a Hair Transplant Surgeon, Cosmetologist and Anesthesiologist in Pune. I have more than 16 years of experience in this field.