How to get rid of acne and pimples in Pune

Acne and pimples are prevalent issues among the people of Pune. The busy and unhealthy lifestyle like junk food, irregular sleeping habits, and stress put them into trouble. People are suffering from various health issues. Acne and pimples are among them.

Here we will be talking about acne and pimples and some facts about them.

Let us start with an overview of acne:

Acne is one of the most prevalent problems globally. It not only affects your psychological development, but it also affects your self-esteem. It affects not just teenagers but also adults. So, it is crucial to identify acne as early as possible and treat it effectively. Eventually, it will help to prevent the formation of scars or any ugly pigmentation.

So, what are the various causes of acne formation?

  • Body heat- Many people feel that they get acne or pimples on their face because of the warmth in the body. Well, fever, exercise, or thyroid problems can increase your body heat. Yes, it can lead to some skin conditions with severer results. But that does have any relation with acne or pimples but leads to other skin conditions.
  • Diet- The impact of diet on acne is a very controversial subject. Lots of study says that your diet affects acne formation. Food like dairy products and even products with high sugar content and high-fat content can aggravate acne formation.
    But are they the leading cause of acne? Well, this requires more profound studies. We would recommend that you make a food diary and note down the products that instigate your acne. If there is any particular food that causes an increase in acne, you should avoid eating that food.
  • Digestive issues- Many patients come to us saying, “doctor, I have got some eruptions on my face due to stomach infection for the last couple of days.” Whether it is diarrhea, stomach infections, constipation, or gas in your stomach that does not instigate acne or pimples on your face, however, too much stress for them can increase your stress hormones and lead to acne.
  • Hygiene- A widespread belief is that acne is just due to a lack of hygiene. You can think of going to a parlour for a facial to remove acne. Well, any facial, whether it is with moisturizers or gels, leads to activation of your sebaceous glands. It happens because of a massage on the face. It can further lead to breakouts because of the activation of your oil-producing glands.

Now, let us discuss the remedies for acne and pimples-

A prevalent issue in patients is that they consume a blood purifying syrup for a long time. Yet, they are far from their goal. Well, blood cleaners are not the solution for acne and pimples because that does not purify your skin. Home remedies are there, which we give a lot of importance. Some of the home remedies are very effective, but a mixture of the different home remedies can make your skin sensitive and further dry.

I would recommend that you go to a doctor and take proper treatment for your acne. Then you can try one or two home remedies. But consult with your doctor first. A widespread myth is that people believe that they do not have pimples. It is just blackheads on their skin. They think it is dirt trapped inside their skin. Well, blackheads and whiteheads, also known as open and closed comedones. These are the initial stages of acne. So, they require proper treatment.

The application of a moisturizer is an essential part while treating your acne. Many people think that by applying a moisturizer, they make their skin further oily. It leads their skin to further acne and pimple development. People come to us and tell us that they are not applying any moisturizer or any cream on their face; still, they are getting acne. Here you need to understand that using a moisturizer is an essential step in acne treatment. Because any kind of oral or topical medication for acne leads your skin to dryness, eventually, it makes your skin more sensitive. You should use the specific kind of moisturizer that we have recommended to you.

Acne is not a common finding in teenagers, but it is also commonly seen in adults of 30 and 40. However, in adults, the occurrence of acne and pimple is lesser as compared to teenagers. If you have acne, always avoid oil-based heavy makeup or light, loose powder foundations because they do not let your pores stay open. Otherwise, the thicker foundations can clog your pores leading to breakouts. So, it would help if you did not ignore acne and pimples. If you do not treat them on time, it can lead to acne scars or unsightly pigmentation, which can take months and months to treat. So, visit us to treat acne on time and get flawless skin.

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