What to Expect After a Hair Transplant?

What to Expect After a Hair Transplant?

Is it the event itself, or its effects and repercussions, that causes more stress?

Exams are less important to a student than performance. As a result, students focus more on pass/fail during exams and hope that the paper is simple to be successful. They are more concerned with the test results than with the exam itself. And the same can be said for anything and everyone. We’re all more interested in the outcomes. After all, it is results that determine our destiny, and results give meaning to our efforts; they are the fruit of our labor.

Results matter the most to us, whether it’s an exam, a game, an election, medical reports, or even hair transplantation.

What if you knew what your findings were going to be before you took the test? Would you be so concerned about the outcome? Do you become nervous when you think about the results?

When we know what the outcomes will be and what we can expect, the anxiety and stress we experience because of the outcomes decreases. Because we know what to expect, the dread of the unknown, as well as the tension brought on by uncertainty, fades away.

The same goes for hair transplantation as well. After a hair transplantation treatment in Pune, people usually worry about the results. They visit hair transplant doctors in Pune to know why they aren’t getting the desired results.

But what if results are known beforehand? The anxiety and stress will reduce as now one will know what results to expect. So, let’s take care of your concern and tension by telling you exactly what to expect from a hair transplant in Pune.

Hair follows a predictable pattern of growth after surgery. We have mentioned the hair transplant results month by month below:

TimeHair Transplant Result
After 3 daysHair shedding will occur
1 week– 1 monthHair shedding will continue
1 month – 2 monthHair shedding with some temporary boils
3 months30% of hair will start to penetrate through the scalp
4 – 5 months50% of hair will penetrate through the scalp with hair fall use rejuvenating medicines on your scalp
6 – 9 monthsComplete results are visible for some people
12 – 15 monthsMost people see results after 12 months of surgery

To make sure that you get the best hair transplant results, there are somethings that you can do.

Precautions after a hair transplant

The following things will help you to get the best hair transplant results:

  • Eat less and avoid spicy food
  • Do not have medicines empty stomach
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Do your regular activities but see to it that you do not over-exhaust yourself
  • Avoid applying any kind of pressure over your head
  • Avoid sleeping with your hand below your head

How does hair grow after a hair transplant?

Following a hair transplant in Pune, your newly planted grafts follow this growth pattern:

  • During the first three days after the transplant, your grafts will begin to repair their blood supply, which will result in some hair loss.
  • Shedding will occur from week one to week six following the hair transplant. After four to six weeks of surgery, you may get boils; however, this is just temporary.
  • The roots will be properly in place after a few hairs fall. Do not be concerned if you notice white stuff over your hair roots regularly. In three to four months, the roots will begin to grow.
  • Once your hair shaft has pierced your skin and begun to grow, it will undergo various changes in its overall appearance, all of which contribute to the end outcome. Hair loss may occur in your natural hair during this period; use hair falls medications directed by your doctor.

This hair shaft will stay light in color, weak, and very fine for some time, with minor improvements as time passes. It will then become indistinguishable from your natural hair.

It’s important to remember that a hair transplant only works in the transplanted area; you’ll continue to lose hair in the areas of your scalp that haven’t been treated. Other drugs, such as Platelet enriched plasma or Minoxidil therapy, may be required to help with hair growth.

Speak with your hair transplant professional in Pune about your expectations. Your specialist can advise you on what to expect after a hair transplant and provide a more accurate picture of your projected results. He can also advise you on how to improve the health of your hair.

However, keep in mind that the precise results of a hair transplant are only apparent after twelve to fifteen months. So, be patient!

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