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How does FUE Hair Transplant works?

The Microscopic Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation, a process that uses the most advanced hair restoration technology. Your doctor and his team will extract hair from the donor area i.e. the occidental region. The hair grafts are stored depending upon single, double, triple units and then allowing patient for the lunch. Then the bald area is made ready to implant grafts by making recipient sites. More than 95% of these units will take root in the new location, creating permanent natural replacements for the hair you’ve lost .
Many other hair transplant doctors do their work with the naked eye or low-level magnification loops. That’s a problem because both of these techniques can damage hair. Our doctors have overcome these challenges by pursuing specialized training in Microscopic Follicular Unit Hair Transplants, the most gold standard technology till date. The use of stereo microscopes allows us to maximize graft yields, ensuring more coverage and better hair restoration. This method also has a far superior success rate, more than 95% of the transplanted hair grow regularly. The result is a natural look simply isn’t possible any other way.
Transplant surgery has many advantages, and it’s the only permanent solution for hair restoration. Transplanted hair looks natural and requires no maintenance. If you want more control over style and appearance. or if you want to restore your hair gradually to avoid attracting attention to your treatment. Hair Replacement may better suit your needs. If your hair has just started to thin and you just want to stop further loss, one of our Hair Loss Prevention treatments may be more appropriate.
All of our doctors are specialists who only perform hair restoration procedures. We keep up to date on all the latest technologies relating to hair transplantation advances because they specialize in this particular cosmetic procedure.
Each man’s treatment is different, but in general the procedure can be completed in 6-9 hours. Procedures occasionally require more time depending on the number of follicular units being transplanted. You can be back at work in a day or two.
In general, you will feel minimal discomfort. Our doctors use local anesthetic. During the procedure, you simply need to relax and pass the time. Many of our clients chat on social networking and listen to music during the procedure.
For 2-3 days one can see black scar spots which can be recognized only when other person is too close. It weans off when we start washing scalp in 2-3 days. Then it can’t be identified that one has gone any procedure or not. The donor area from where we extracted hair La Densitaes is bandaged only till same night. Because we use Microscopic punches it doesn’t have scar mark hence not recognizable.
Hair typically enter a resting phase after they are transplanted, beginning to produce new hair after about three to four months. You will normally see a cosmetic difference within the first 4 to 5 months.
For the vast majority of patients, hair transplant results last a lifetime.
Modern hair transplant procedures produce a very natural look. Our highly-skilled doctors uses special techniques to ensure that scarring is minimal and virtually undetectable. The fine cosmetic scar in the hair donor area is covered by your existing hair.
After the procedure, you will be instructed to go home to relax. The medical staff will provide you with a complete post-operative care plan along with any necessary medications. You will receive some additional instructions for care at that time. Your new hair will begin growing within about 3 months.
Costs vary depending on each unique individual’s goals and expectations and the number of procedures needed. With financing, many patients can get their hair back for an minimal investment.
Some of our competitors offer a lower initial price, but also perform fewer grafts per procedure. While this looks cheaper up front, it increases the likelihood that you’ll need additional surgeries which can dramatically increase the total cost of restoring your hair. We want you to be completely satisfied with your new hair, so we do it right the first time. That way you get better hair for a lifetime and to reduce the chances that you’ll need additional procedures.
Hair restoration goals and expectations vary from person to person. About 85 percent of our clients only have one procedure / session , the remaining 15% have two sessions or more. The extent of your hair loss and your desired density will determine the number of hair transplant procedures necessary to achieve the results you want.
We provide a proprietary post-surgical care program to maximize the results of your hair transplants which includes routine antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets for just 5 days . After that no requirement of any maintenance dose or to meet us. Our patients happily send us his photos after 3-8 months and says he is happy now.
Yes but only for a week as it may harm due to sweat or any physical damage.
No he can join his duty from the next day and he can drive his car by self.
No he can join his duty from the next day and he can drive his car by self.
Surely one can avail EMI facility with his credit card or Finance Company.
If the patient is having normal blood sugar levels and under regular oral hypoglycemic drugs he may undergo the procedure without any due risk.

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