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Scalp after a Hair Transplant

Importance of Washing Your Scalp after a Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is widespread among people suffering from severe hair loss problems. Being a surgical method, you are always advised to follow specific instructions before and after the hair transplant to achieve the desired effects.

These instructions may differ from clinic to clinic or depending upon the type of hair transplant performed.

The hair transplant procedure involves removing the hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them to the bald area.

After the hair transplant, your doctor will advise you not to wash your hair for at least a few hours after the transplant. But you can have the shower the very next day with the water flowing gently over the area where the hair follicle has been transplanted.

The main reason for washing the hairs the next day after the procedure is to remove the scabs and dried blood. Thus, the healing may occur at a much faster rate and reduce the chances of infection onto the scalp. You should allow your hair to dry once washed thoroughly.

During the first 10 to 14 days, one should avoid rubbing, picking, or scratching the transplanted area to give some time to the grafts to take up & get appropriately fixed.

One should wash the hair by gently pouring water on the scalp twice a day and may use baby shampoo every two days. You may also feel some itchiness in the donor area. Avoid picking up the scabs while they are dry.

After 10-14 days, you can wash your hair regularly using mild or baby shampoo and gently rub the area also. So, the scabs get removed slowly and entirely, thus ensuring average hair growth.

New hair growth will start after 2 to 3 months of the procedure. We hope all the above information will help get the desired result after theĀ hair transplant in Kochi, Kerala.

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