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Best Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

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Looking for safe and affordable skin rejuvenation in Pune?

Then, visit Ladensitae Hair Transplant Centre for best and cost-efficient skin rejuvenation treatment.

As skin experts say, beauty begins with confidence, and confidence comes with youthful and glowing skin. We at Ladensitae Hair Transplant Centre know that your skin is the most unique and compact feature of your body. To improve your skin colour and texture, we have evolved advanced skin rejuvenation treatments.

Do visit Ladensitae Hair Transplant Centre for most beneficial and high-quality Skin rejuvenation treatment in Pune.

Skin rejuvenation is an exceptional process of giving youthful, and fresh look to the skin, particularly the face. People who want to look young and gorgeous always then skin rejuvenation is the best choice for them.

Why choose Ladensitae Hair Transplant Centre?

  • Dr Gajanan Jadhao is the founder of the Ladensitae Centre. He is a leading Cosmetologist in Pune and expert in medical, and surgical cosmetic procedures.
  • Dr Gajanan Jadhao believes in executing personalized treatments based on individual need, type of skin and medical condition. Under his leadership and supervision, Ladensitae Hair Transplant Centre is renowned as one of the top dermatology centres in Pune.
  • Our centre has a state-of-the-art medical infrastructure with US-FDA approved technology. We at Ladensitae provide our clients with the best Skin Rejuvenation alternatives like IPL lasers, Nd YAG, Microdermabrasion, HydraFacial, Facial Platelet enriched plasma therapy, chemical peels, etc.
  • We are committed to helping you gain radiant and youthful skin through customized skincare solutions.
  • We have developed a comprehensive and gentle way of creating treatments that begin your aesthetic goals first, providing safe and efficient treatment options.
  • Mainly we focus on the health of your skin. We never compromise on the other aspects of your physical well-being. We prefer to keep you away from harmful treatments or medication.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Skin rejuvenation involves advanced treatments to restore collagen. Collagen is a necessary component of the skin. As we grow older, our skin produces insufficient collagen. Our skin also loses collagen because of environmental damages, like sun exposure, pollution, etc.

To improve your skin health and give it more radiance, we employ light technologies. These techniques include specific filters in the form of multi-spectrum and laser lights. These methods don’t hurt your skin but enhance the look and the texture of your skin. It also reduces sunspots, any redness and blemishes. It works by thickening the skin to give it a more youthful appearance.


What is the cost of skin rejuvenation?

The cost of skin rejuvenation treatment depends on the type of treatment performed. For detailed information on the cost of skin rejuvenation, feel free to contact us.

Need for Skin Rejuvenation:

  • Sun exposure, ageing, and genetic. Lifestyle factors like diet, alcohol abuse, smoking and stress may also contribute to facial wrinkling.
  • Skin rejuvenation can repairwrinkle, scar, or other skin-related ailments that may loosen your skin. These conditions occur with age or with the use of contraceptive pills, pregnancy and hereditary factors.
  • Previous acne problem may have made the skin texture rough. Laser skin rejuvenation can fix these problems, as well as several other skin ailments.

Types of Skin Rejuvenation Treatments:

  • Laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments help in removal of discolouration or tighten sagging skin.
  • Chemical peels include various acid peels with different mixtures to eliminate damaged outer skin layers.
  • Microdermabrasion is the minimally invasive method to treat light scarring and discolorations.
  • Dermal fillers are injectable compounds that improve skin contouring.
  • Botulinum toxins A treatments block nerve contraction to decrease wrinkles.

Advantages of skin rejuvenation treatment:


Cleanse the skin

The skin rejuvenation treatments can clean the dirt on your skin. Regular skin exfoliation is a crucial part of a good skincare regime.

Improved skin appearance

Skin rejuvenation treatments are helpful and can enhance the look of your skin. It can be beneficial for people with dry and sun worn skin. It works by removing some of the upper layers of skin, providing a fresh-looking new skin.

Reduces acne scars

Skin rejuvenation treatments decrease acne scars. These treatments work by removing the upper layers of skin. It will take out a lot of acne-related scar tissue. Ultimately, it will either reduce the size or vanish all the scars.

Improved social life

The skin rejuvenation treatments can make you more gorgeous than before. The treatment gives you a beautiful look that eventually boosts your self-esteem.