Hair transplant for women facing hair loss

Hair transplant for women facing hair loss

Do you feel that your forehead is looking bigger lately? Is your hair loss making you feel conscious or less attractive when going out? Do you feel embarrassed or less adequate when you see women with healthy hair? Are you constantly worried that your condition will worsen?

Hair has always been a mark of pride for women, the crowning glory. Healthy hair enhances your confidence and personality. So, if you start losing your hair, you feel that you are losing one of your favorite assets. Hair loss in women causes more emotional trauma due to the social stigma.

It is time to stop worrying so much and do something about your hair loss. Hair transplantation for women has been successful for restoring losing hair. Luckily, you have one of the best hair replacement clinics right here in Pune.

We often associate hair transplants with men, but hair transplant in women is a reality. You may be wondering how much a hair transplant in Pune will cost you. Please be assured that all our skin and hair care services and procedures are very cost-effective. We are here to help you and would be delighted to hear from you.

Fortunately, with advanced hair treatments, it is possible to cure a wide range of hair problems, safely and economically. The difficulty in fixing hair problems is finding a reputable and competent hair transplant surgeon with a proven track record of successful hair transplant procedures and treatments, as well as a large number of satisfied customers.

Please visit us at La Densitae Hair Transplant Clinic in Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Pune. We use the most up-to-date FDA-approved technology and equipment. We guarantee that your hair difficulties will be resolved with the safest and most scientifically proven procedures available at our state-of-the-art operation theatre.

What causes hair loss?

Women are increasingly seeking to address their hair loss by hair transplantation. But before you choose to get a hair transplant in Pune, let us understand why women lose their hair. We have listed a few causes of hair loss:

  • Telogeneffluvium is when stress pushes your hair roots prematurely into a dormant state
  • Alopecia areata is a condition when extreme stress causes your immune system to attack your hair follicles
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B12
  • Persistent hair loss due to iron deficiency
  • Various scalp diseases like scalp eczema, psoriasis, pityriasis, and other allergic reactions

When can you have a Hair Transplant?

Androgenetic Alopecia –It is type of male pattern hair loss that occurs in females. The hair starts slowly thinning along the part line. And then it starts falling, at a faster pace, starting from the top of your head.

Congenital elevated Hairline – This is when the hairline is high, the reason could be genetics or hair loss.

Scarring Alopecia – Scar tissues replace the hair due to trauma or disorder.

Hair loss after facelift procedures – A face lifting procedure can cause hair loss in the temporal points.

Traction alopecia – Hair is tightly pulled in some hairstyles, causing hair loss. Electronic devices like hair dryers can also cause this condition.

Trichotillomania – This is a disorder where the person repeatedly pulls out their hair.

What are the types of transplantations?

First, our hair transplant doctor in Pune will evaluate your condition to see if any disorder is causing the hair loss and is treatable. The doctor will perform a microscopic examination of the hair to assess the location and percentage of shrinkage.

Once the evaluation is complete, the surgeon will decide which treatment is suitable for you.

There are two main types of hair transplant.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant): In this procedure, the surgeon removes a linear strip of your scalp from the donor site. Then it will be implanted at the desired spot. A scar will be visible from where the scalp strip was removed; however, it will not be seen once the transplanted hair grows.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): This is an intricate procedure where the surgeon removes individual hair follicles from the donor site and inserts them in the affected area. After this procedure, your hair will grow back to normal. The recovery time is the fastest in this transplant method.

When will the transplanted hair grow?

Transplanted hair should start growing within 3 months after the procedure. You will begin to see an increased growth between 6 months to a year from the transplant. The length and quality of your hair will improve significantly. Moreover, the transplanted hair will keep growing throughout your lifetime.

Self-care tips after the transplant

You must ensure proper care and take safety measures after hair transplantation surgery. You may experience soreness and swelling in your scalp. Make sure to take the medications prescribed by the doctor. Do not upset the area where the procedure was conducted in any way. The bandages on the surgical location should be removed a day after the surgery to curb any swelling.

Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking. Do not take any medication that the doctor has not prescribed. Keep away from activities that are stressful and tiring for a few weeks. You will also need to take precautions when deciding what hair products to use post-transplant. Rest assured, our experienced hair transplant doctors in Pune will give you detailed instructions on pre and post-transplantation care.

In Conclusion

Hair restoration technique is evolving year after year and is truly a boon. Hair is such an essential feature of our body. We need to nourish our hair to keep it in glowing health, eating hair-friendly food is important. You will feel more confident and look closer to your younger self.

Healthy hair boosts our confidence and generally settles us in a positive attitude mindset. The feeling of positivity will enhance the quality of your professional life and your relationships.

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