Vitiligo care in Pune

Vitiligo care in Pune

Vitiligo is an illness that is very common to people in Pune. It causes discolouration of your skin tone at any part of your body. In most cases, the bruise appears in patches. Eventually, the affected are expands with time. Along with your skin, Vitiligo can influence the color of your hair as well.

The melanin present in your skin generally determines the shades of your skin and hair. When your melanin-producing cells do not work properly or stop working, then Vitiligo occurs on your skin.

People who are having darker skin shades are more prone to developing Vitiligo. Because the discoloration will be more visible in their body, but it affects people of all skin types, colors, and ages. Well, though the disease is no so harmful yet it can affect your self-confidence of people living in Pune.

The is no such treatment available in medical science that can treat Vitiligo permanently. Hence, we can only slow down the skin discoloration process. Now that we have discussed what Vitiligo is all about to let us see the symptoms as well.

Symptoms of Vitiligo:

The symptoms of Vitiligo include the following widespread issues-

  • You will experience discoloration of your skin.
  • Generally, this discoloration starts from your hand and mouth.
  • You may suffer from greying of your beard, eyebrows, or scalp hair.

So, what should you eat to prevent Vitiligo:

We at La Densitae suggest having a healthy diet that contains enough nutritional value. There is no specific diet for Vitiligo patients. As a result, the generalized healthy diet improves your immunity system and saves you from other health-related issues.

You may include the following food products in your diet to boost your immunity.

  • Vegetables: All leafy green vegetables like spinach, green beans, beetroot, potato, cabbage, radish, tomato, cauliflower, red chili, bitter gourd should include in your daily diet.
  • Fruits– Fruits like fig, ripe mango, apricot can provide you with the required minerals and nutrients.
  • Protein: Have light meat like chicken, turkey, eggs, etc. Avoid any red meats. Chickpeas, mushrooms, kidney beans, and lentils can work very well for vegetarians as well.
  • Dairy: Dairy products are compulsory for your health. Dairy products are rich in vitamin D and other beneficial nutrients.
  • Whole grain: Foods like oats, brown rice, white rice, couscous, corn, quinoa is very healthy for vitiligo patients.
  • Herbs and spices: You can have rosemary, thyme, basil, clove, coriander leaves, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg in your daily diet. All of them are very effective in treating Vitiligo.
  • Beverages: You should opt for fruit juice and coconut water along with plenty amount of water to stay hydrated.

Is there any food which you should avoid in Vitiligo?

According to modern medical science, there is no restriction for any food for vitiligo patients. But certain exceptional cases are there. Avoiding a few food items can improve the issues related to Vitiligo.

If restricted food items contain hydroquinone, depigmenting agents, then the restriction is helpful for you.

Now let us check which food items we can avoid in Vitiligo:

High Protein– Beef, pork, and fish proteins that contain the restricted agents are not suitable for your health. So, restrict their consumptions.

Fruits: Vitamin C is perfect for your health. It prevents pigmentation on your skin. So, you should include vitamin citrus fruits as a source of vitamin C in your diet. Start consuming gooseberry, orange, pineapple, prune, lemon, melon, grapes, tamarind. All of these fruits contain a high amount of vitamin C.

Vegetable: Vegetables like tomato, onion, garlic, eggplant, green chili, etc., are not suitable for the vitiligo problem. So, it is better to avoid these vegetables.

Dairy: Generally, dairy products are perfect for your health. But in Vitiligo, we advise not to indulge in the card, milk, and buttermilk. You can consult with your doctor while choosing the appropriate dairy product in Vitiligo.

Beverages: Avoid carbonated drinks, packaged fruit juice, and alcohol. All of these will adversely affect you in vitiligo skin patches.

Though there is no specific treatment available for Vitiligo yet a well-balanced lifestyle can help you. Hence, you should avoid the problem if you are suffering from Vitiligo. Contact us for more information about your hair and skin issues at La densitae.

Till then, stay healthy and fit.

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