7 Best Anti-ageing Treatments

Bringing back your youthful days may feel like a long shot, but it is not. You must have heard of plastic surgery and how it has helped many go back to their younger selves- However, is it really the right option for you as well?

What works and does not work?  Which are the best skin rejuvenation treatments? What makes sense for someone your age — and what you should avoid?

We have made this decision easy for you by finding out the 7 best anti-ageing treatments that do not require you to visit a hospital or get any surgery:


Microdermabrasion improves your skin texture by removing dry, flaky and dry skin, bumps from trapped oil, also sun-damaged spots. If you are over 50, this treatment is the best way to soften lines and improve skin texture.

Microdermabrasion is a physical exfoliation that removes your dead skin cells and suctions them away. Using microdermabrasion prepares your skin for a chemical peel, by getting rid of the dead skin cells on your face. This makes your skin ready for absorbing a chemical peel.


Injectable like Botulinum toxins A, removes wrinkles and lines between your eyes and forehead. It also gets rid of eye contractions under your skin and temporarily reduces and sometimes erases the frown lines and wrinkles.

Injectables like Botulinum toxins A usually last up to 4 months. Even though Botulinum toxins A is safe and effective, try to get a less amount of injections, just to freshen up your face. It will make your face appear more natural.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peel removes the top layer of your skin, revealing a new one underneath. It helps to heal brown spots and hyperpigmentation also reducing injury to the outer layer of your skin. When you start to age your skin’s ability to remove its outer layer of skin becomes less.

A mild chemical peel is very useful for women above 50. If you get your treatment from an experienced dermatologist, collagen production and hydration levels will rise and your skin lines will soften. It will also give you an even skin tone, with a noticeable glow. For best outcomes choose a peel with a microdermabrasion treatment.


If you want longer and thicker lashes Latisse will be best for you. It is a prescription-only solution which stimulates hair growth. The ingredient used in Latisse called bimatoprost stimulates hair growth. However, you might get some mild side effects.

Some people have reported darkened pigmentation in the iris and itchy eyes. Your lashes will start growing within 1 month. Latisse is worth it, depending on your needs, but you have to include it in your daily routine for best results.

Sclerotherapy (spider vein treatment)

Sclerotherapy uses saline injections to remove unsightly veins that are close to your skin’s surface. After a few sessions, this vein turns into the scar and disappears.

You will notice effects after a mild to moderate amount of time. It depends on the size and number of veins and the desired result you want from the treatment. However, these veins may come back, and you might also get bruising after the treatment.


During our youth, our bodies produce collagen that makes our skin plump and firm. However, as we get older, collagen production minimizes, resulting in lost volume in the face.

Fillers can reduce lost volume by filling in the sallow or saggy parts using injections. It works like collagen, which also fills in lines and helps lift certain areas. However, take it in a limited amount otherwise it will make your face appear bloated.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing can make your skin tighter, smoother and even-toned. This treatment uses light energy to pierce into your skin’s collagen layer and restores elastin and collagen. Laser resurfacing can also help you get rid of broken blood vessels and hyperpigmentation.

You will notice results in 1 week which keeps improving for a few months after the treatment. Your dermatologist will give tropical anaesthesia before the treatment; however, the pain might depend on the depth of treatment.

Lasers treatments have given many women outstanding results and the effects stay for a long time. They have healed wrinkled, loose and rough skin significantly. However, treatment effects you get depend on your skin’s condition, and what outcomes you expect.

So, we have listed to you all treatment options that can give you the best results for anti-ageing. Remember; get your skin analysis by a dermatologist before making any major decision or opting for any of the treatments mentioned above.

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