Everything you need to know about Real-Time Non-Touch FUE

A new technique of hair transplant has emerged that provides guaranteed natural-looking results that stay permanent. Do you want to learn about the latest and effective procedure to get your hair transplant done? We recommend real-time non-touch FUE. It is one of the highly recommended technique for hair transplant in Pune.

Do you want to know what this procedure is? To learn more, continue reading the article.

What is Real-Time Non-Touch FUE?

Real-time non-touch FUE is a method of transplanting hair follicles without placing them in a preserving solution. Under this technique, the hair follicles are extracted and implanted simultaneously without keeping them in a preserving solution, resulting in a normal FUE hair transplant.

Now that you know what real-time non-touch FUE is let us discuss why you should opt for this procedure.

Benefits of Real-Time Non-Touch FUE

Some of the benefits of real-time non-touch FUE are:


In real-time FUE, the process of slit making is done before the extraction. This gives an idea of how many grafts are required before actually beginning to extract them.

In regular FUE, this process does not occur, and graft extraction is purely based on assumption.

Simultaneous process:

Grafts extraction, cleaning, and implantation is done simultaneously. The hair transplant surgeon extracts the grafts, technicians clean the grafts, and the implanter implants the grafts. It is all done simultaneously within a few minutes.

No grafts preservation:

Extracted grafts are not preserved in any solution; they are directly implanted into your scalp. Direct implantation protects the natural extracts of each follicle, cutting short the shedding phase.

Quicker results:

In real-time FUE, after a few minutes of extraction, the grafts are directly implanted in your scalp. It increases graft life and provides quicker results. Furthermore, graft damage is significantly reduced.

Because of these benefits, it is one of the highly recommended techniques of hair transplant in Kerala, Nashik, Aurangabad many other places in India.

Now that you know the benefits let us understand how real-time FUE is performed.

The procedure of Real-Time Non-Touch FUE

Before any hair transplant surgery, the following steps are performed.

The same initial steps are followed for real-time FUE as well. After the initial steps, the procedure occurs in the following steps:

Step 1: Slit making

Real-time FUE is a pre-planned procedure. Slit making is performed after hairline designing, IV antibiotics, and anesthesia to identify an exact number of grafts for extraction and implantation.

Step 2: Graft extraction, harvesting, and implantation

After slit making, graft extraction and implantation is done by an experienced hair transplant surgeon. These harvested grafts are passed on to a technician to ensure they are good, healthy, and clean.

After that, the cleaned grafts are passed to an implanter who then immediately implants these grafts into your scalp. This all happens in a few minutes.

For the procedure to be successful, the team performing and assisting the surgery must be highly professional and experienced.

Now that you know the procedure let us understand the difference between conventional FUE and real-time FUE.

Difference between Conventional FUE and Real-Time Non-Touch FUE

Conventional FUE

Conventional FUE is a traditional process where grafts are stored in a preservative solution after extraction. The Slit making procedure takes place after the grafts have been extracted. After the slit making, the preserved grafts are implanted in your scalp.

In conventional FUE, graft requirements are decided by the hair transplant surgeon. It is not always accurate and exact, just approximate. If the extracted grafts are more than required, they will get wasted.

Real-time FUE

In real-time FUE, grafts are not preserved. The graft extraction, harvesting, and implantation are performed simultaneously. So, the grafts are implanted in your scalp within a few minutes of their harvesting. Real-time FUE is a pre-planned and pre-decided method.

Now that you are aware of real-time non-touch FUE book an appointment with our hair transplant clinic in Pune to get the procedure done.

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