Which is better Platelet rched plasma or Mesotherapy?

Which is better Platelet rich plasma or Mesotherapy?

Hair loss has become a common concern among Kerala residents in recent years. As a consequence, people are showing interest in various hair loss treatments. Non-surgical hair loss therapies such as Platelet Rich Plasma and Mesotherapy are available in Kerala.

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So, let us see how mesotherapy and Platelet rich plasma perform in terms of hair loss.

Because of its high success rate, platelet rich plasma therapy has gotten a lot of attention lately. Androgenetic alopecia can also be successfully treated with it.

Platelet rich plasma therapy involves collecting, sorting, and injecting blood into the bald region of your scalp. The procedure, according to medical experts, stimulates natural hair growth in the scalp.

The stimulation of hair follicles helps to rejuvenate damaged tissues and delay the progression of hair loss.

What is platelet rich plasma therapy, and how does it work?

The procedure of Platelet riched plasma therapy is as follows:

  • The first step includes our doctor removing approximately 50 mL of blood from your body.
  • The blood is then extracted in a centrifuge in the second process. The platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red platelets are separated from the blood sample by spinning it at high speed in a centrifuge.
  • Our doctor then extracts platelet rich plasma in a syringe in the third process.
  • Then we use iodine or alcohol to clean the treatment area of your scalp.
  • After this, the platelet rich plasma is then injected into your bald region.

In most cases, four to six sessions spread out over 4-6 weeks are required. Then, depending on your needs, you can need additional sessions.

Who are good candidates for Platelet rich plasma therapy?

Platelet rich plasma treatment can help someone who is suffering from hair loss or baldness. However, it is not approved for people who have liver problems, bleeding issues, skin issues, or are undergoing chemotherapy. Platelet rich plasma therapy should be avoided by people with a low pulse and chain smokers.

Let’s look at a couple of the advantages of Platelet rich plasma therapy.

  • Platelet rich plasma therapy does not necessitate surgery.
  • Because of the procedure, you would not have a scar on your forehead.
  • It’s a safe procedure, and since we use your blood, there’s no possibility of cross-contamination.
  • The procedure causes minimal discomfort.
  • It promotes hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles on the scalp.
  • The care is inexpensive for anyone.
  • The best thing is that there are no adverse side effects.

Are there any treatment-related side effects?

Since Platelet rich plasma hair treatment involves infusing platelet rich plasma into your skin, nerve wounds, irritation, and tissue damage are potential side effects. These problems, on the other hand, occur rarely.

Let’s talk about mesotherapy as a hair loss treatment now:

Mesotherapy could help with your hair loss complication as well. It is beneficial in the treatment of hair thinning due to alopecia. Our hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur injects all highly effective drugs into your scalp during the operation.

The following are the phases in the mesotherapy hair treatment procedure:

  • Cleaning the scalp gently with medicated ingredients.
  • Tiny doses of highly active drugs are administered into the skin.
  • The blood circulation gets improved
  • Improved blood circulation promotes hair growth.

Seven or eight sessions of thirty-minutes each are needed for the treatment. You will be able to see noticeable results after your fifth session.

In the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, it has a high success rate. It also treats hair loss caused by food shortages, chronic disease, climate change, stress, and other causes.

So, what exactly are the advantages of mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy has many advantages.

  • It’s a painless and straightforward operation.
  • Surgical intervention is not needed.
  • It just takes a few minutes (30 minutes for each session).
  • The discomfort is low.
  • There is no need for further treatment.

Is mesotherapy having any negative effects on your health?

There are no long-term adverse effects of the procedure. However, bruising and soreness in the scalp area can occur shortly after the procedure. These side effects, however, usually go away after a few days.

Haircare with mesotherapy and Platelet rich plasma therapy: a comparison

Multiple platelet rich plasma infusions are used in Platelet rich plasma hair care, whereas mesotherapy uses natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and more.

We inject the ingredients into the skin’s mesoderm layer during mesotherapy, while platelet rich plasma can be injected into any layer of your skin.

The outcomes of mesotherapy take about 5-8 sessions to see, while Platelet rich plasma therapy requires approximately 4-6 sessions.

Mesotherapy sessions are just thirty minutes long, while Platelet rich plasma therapy sessions are about an hour long.

Mesotherapy is less expensive than Platelet rich plasma therapy.

Platelet rich plasma therapy and mesotherapy, as previously described, are both successful therapies for hair loss. Both of them have the potential to achieve positive outcomes.

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