When can you go on holiday after having a hair transplant treatment?

When can you go on holiday after having a hair transplant treatment?

Hair transplant in Pune is a widely accepted treatment method for restoring hair on your bald scalp. It is the safest procedure for getting the required density of hair.

Though the treatment does not have any side effects, yet there is a thin chance of swelling, inflammation, and infection in your treatment area. This is why you may require a seven days holiday after your hair transplant treatment.

However, there are few essential things to take care of while on vacation. The following are the most important things to remember before going on vacation after your hair transplant as per our hair transplant surgeon in Pune:

  • After your hair transplant, you’ll be able to fly.
  • Putting your hair transplant area in direct sunlight is a bad idea.
  • Swimming in a pool or the sea.

With this in mind, we will help you determine whether or not you should go on vacation after your hair transplant. Along with these, you should be aware of the hair transplant cost in Pune before availing of the treatment.

However, if you have had an FUE or FUT hair transplant, proper aftercare is essential to ensure that you get the best outcomes from your treatment. You will be surprised to know that the sun and seawater are harmful to you.

Is it a good option to sunbathe after a hair transplant?

Unfortunately, sunbathing is not recommended for the first several weeks after you have a hair transplant for many reasons. Your scalp will have surgical incisions after an FUE or FUT hair transplant.

Sunlight exposure can delay the healing process and damage the deeper layers of the scalp tissue. As a result, it can develop scarring and damage the hair follicles.

After the surgery, your scalp may feel slightly numb, which means you may not know if your scalp begins to burn from the sun’s harmful rays or not. While it is unlikely to affect your surgery’s long-term outcomes, it can be uncomfortable and slow down your recovery.

If you want to sit in the sun, wear a loose sun hat that does not rub against your scalp too much. Apply sunscreen to your scalp until the incisions have healed.

Would my hair transplant be affected by sweating?

If you plan a trip to warmer places, bear in mind that the heat will make you sweat more. Perspiration will irritate the scalp and hair follicles right after a hair transplant. Sweating can lead to bacterial build-up on the skin, which can lead to severe infections.

Stay under the shade as much as possible, and avoid strenuous activities. Strenuous activities like running can cause increased perspiration. So, you must avoid these things for at least a week after your surgery.

You should start washing your hair 48 hours after your transplant. Use lukewarm water and do not rub your scalp, to reduce your risk of infection. Avoid taking power showers for the first few days after your surgery because the water pressure will irritate your skin.

Is it safe to swim after a hair transplant?

While many of us want to jump in the pool as the first thing on vacation, chlorine is harmful to your hair. Wait until your scalp has healed before exposing it to unnecessary chemicals. It will prevent the potential damage of your new grafts.

Though saltwater is beneficial, there is no way to know how clean the ocean is or what toxins may be present. So we do not recommend swimming in the sea during the healing process. Everyone recovers at their own pace, but it’s best to be careful in the first two weeks after your surgery.

How long shall I avoid going on vacation?

It is ultimately up to you to decide whether or not to go on vacation right after hair transplant surgery. Still, many of the situations that come with travelling can create complications to your hair transplant performance.

It will be highly effective for you if you obey all the pieces of advice of your hair transplant surgeon. If you have any confusion, then contact our Hair Transplant Surgeon in Pune. It will help you to learn about your choices in a better way.

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