A Decent Candidate For Hair Transplantation

A Decent Candidate For Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation has become a popular technique due to the appeal of recovering hairlines, regaining self-confidence, or even preventing baldness.

To receive the desired hair transplant, you should always go to a reputable hair transplant clinic in Kochi and have it done by an experienced hair transplant surgeon. 

At Ladensitae Hair Transplant Centre, Dr. Gajanan Jadhao, a seasoned hair transplant surgeon, offers effective and inexpensive hair transplant cost in Kochi. Furthermore, Dr. Gajanan Jadhao is renowned for providing advanced and effective hair transplant in Kochi, Kerala. 

While a hair transplant may appear to be an excellent option, it is essential to note that not everyone is eligible for it, and hair loss is not the only criterion for receiving it. 

There are several factors that patients should be aware of to ensure that the surgery is good for them, but five are particularly important. 

So, let’s get started.

5 Parameters That You Should Consider Before Hair Transplant

1. The ideal applicant is between 25 and 65 years old.

While there are no age restrictions for getting a hair transplant, the optimum candidate is between 25 and 65. Patients under 25 continue to experience premature hair loss, which may vary as they become older.

Patients above 65 tend to have very thin hair. Thus, this treatment may not be effective. Because there is little to no hair to transplant, someone who is entirely bald or has very little hair left cannot have hair transplantation, a vital factor in this treatment.

You may still be eligible for hair transplantation if you are over 65. It would all rely on the next point to examine.

2. Your hair transplant will depend on the type of hair loss you have.

Because not all types of hair loss are the same, those who suffer from pattern baldness are the best candidates for hair transplantation. This is frequently a hereditary disorder that affects only a portion of the scalp, leaving healthy donor hair follicles that can be harvested. 

You should also be mindful of the upcoming concern regarding hair loss. Patients with alopecia or other forms of hair loss will have weak hair follicles. The transplant will fail, indicating that they are not good candidates.

3. You should also know your hair loss classification.

There are two important elements to consider when measuring hair loss: the degree of hair loss and the quality and quantity of donor hair. This is a crucial stage in determining whether or not a patient is a candidate for hair transplantation, as the procedure requires a sufficient supply of healthy hair follicles.

Hair follicles aren’t the only thing that should be in good shape. According to the next consideration, you should also be in excellent health.

4. Your health matters.

Hair transplant is a surgical treatment. Hence, the patient must be in good health before undergoing the procedure. A strong immune system reduces the danger of problems, allowing the patient to heal more quickly and recover in a shorter period. 

Before undertaking the treatment, patients with long-term health conditions should consult their doctor. If you are using blood thinners, talk to your hair transplant surgeon in Kochi before the procedure to see if they will alter your outcomes.

5. Your hair type is also a factor to consider.

Hair type can also play a role in determining whether or not hair transplantation is the best option. Hair must be thick to cover the afflicted areas better during an FUE hair transplant.

Extra curly hair may not function with robotic hair transplants since the system has to determine the orientation of the hair follicle, which is difficult in curly hair. It’s also challenging to notice very light or even white hair. But don’t lose hope; there may be additional options available to you, such as mesotherapy or PRP injections.

So, if you are thinking about getting a hair transplant in Kochi, make sure you do your homework and find out if you are eligible. We hope that this post has answered any questions you may have had about eligibility for a hair transplant.

If you consider hair transplantation, visit La Densitae Hair Transplant Centre in Kochi. Call us today to schedule your free consultation at 7902339539.

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