Hair transplant results after six months vs. one year

Hair transplant results after six months vs. one year

The result of the hair transplant and the success of the surgery are two leading causes of concern for the people in Pune. Hence, they ask many questions during their first consultation with the hair transplant surgeon in Pune.

However, when a patient leaves the clinic following hair transplant surgery, it is far from the last time he or she interacts with our hair transplant surgeon in Pune. Patients are visited by the team on the day of the surgery and again seven to ten days later as part of the post-operative care regimen. To maintain track of development, we also arrange six-month and twelve-month check-ups. The cost of a patient’s hair transplant in Pune includes all of these appointments. So, six months after their hair transplant, what should an average La Densitae patient expect?

At La Densitae, the hair transplant clinic in Pune, we take care to explain to patients that a hair transplant does not generate a significant result immediately. Three to four weeks following surgery, the hairs in the transplanted grafts will fall out. The crucial hair follicle will remain anchored underneath the scalp for three to four months following the transplant and will begin to develop new hair.

This natural-looking regrowth mixes with existing hair and grows indefinitely. On that premise, a hair transplant six months after surgery should begin to show some apparent results. Between a year and 18 months after surgery, the full benefit of the hair transplant will be visible.

6-month post-surgery hair transplant check-up

The surgeon will examine the donor location at the 6-month post-op check-up. If everything has gone well, the scar should be nearly undetectable at this point. On the other hand, if Dr. Gajanan Jadhao, the hair transplant surgeon in Pune, performs the treatment through the FUE method. So there is no scope of scaring in the donor area.

At this time, the hair transplant surgeon checks the growth of the hair transplant on your scalp. You can ask any question related to the hair transplant issue to your doctor at this time. If you have any complications during these six months, you can also share them with your doctor. Your hair transplant doctor will suggest you the proper remedy. Your doctor may ask you to take few medications like Minoxidil and finasteride for speedy hair growth for a recommended period.

Transplantation of hair six months after surgery — before and after

Before the hair transplant, your hair transplant surgeon will have taken numerous photographs of your hair from various angles. Those photos will be retaken for comparison purposes during the 6-month post-operative check-up.

If everything goes well, then you will be satisfied with the result of your hair transplant surgery after six months. In most cases, the patient gets good coverage of the balding area of their scalp. If the treatment is done to redefine the hairline, you will see positive growth in your hairline.

12-month post-surgery hair transplant check-up

After completing the twelve months of the hair transplant surgery, your hair transplant doctor in Pune will check the results of the hair transplant treatment again. Your doctor will also check if there any complications after the hair transplant treatment you have experienced during these twelve months of tenure. Talk to your doctor if you have any difficulties after the treatment.

At this time, the newly transplanted hair follicle will become the full grown-up hair strands. They will look natural as your original hair on the scalp. You will get a complete and well-developed hairline along with the proper coverage of hair on your scalp. The hair density on your scalp will depend on the number of hair grafts you have implanted and the level of baldness you were experiencing. But on average, the hair transplant results after twelve months will make you happy.

Twelve months after the surgery – before and after:

As like the after six months before-after comparison, your hair transplant doctor will compare your hair regeneration condition with the images taken before the treatment and pictures taken after six months of the treatment.

You will see the complete hair growth and complete coverage of your bald scalp. There will be no sign of unnaturalness in your newly transplanted hair grafts.

Your hair will grow like your natural hair as per your hair life cycle. You can have a haircut and style your hair as per your choice at this time.

In the end, it can be said that the hair transplant results in Pune at La Densitae always make their patients delighted. The monthly check-up sessions make the patient understand the growth of hair after the surgery properly.

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