Is Mesotherapy Effective For Hair Loss?

Is Mesotherapy Effective For Hair Loss?

Are you looking for an effective hair loss treatment in Pune? If you are concerned about excessive hair loss, mesotherapy can be the best choice, as it helps fix all of your hair problems while also promoting healthy hair growth.

Mesotherapy is a professional hair loss treatment. At Ladensitae Hair Transplant Centre, Dr. Gajanan Jadhao, one of the leading hair transplant surgeon in Pune, offers result-oriented and cost-efficient mesotherapy hair treatment. Moreover, Dr. Gajanan Jadhao is well-known for providing advanced and effective hair transplant in Pune.

Before undertaking mesotherapy, it is critical to understand its details.

This article brings you an extensive discussion on hair mesotherapy and its effectiveness on hair loss. Scroll down to read more!

What Is Mesotherapy and How Does It Work?

Mesotherapy is a hair-regrowth process that is non-surgical, painless, and quick. The specialist will inject a vial of medication into your scalp for hair repair and regeneration. The injection contains vitamins, plant extracts, and hormones to renew hair follicles and strengthen the roots of your hair. Biotin, minoxidil, dexenol, finasteride, organic silicium, and nano peptides are some of the most used substances in mesotherapy formula.

Mesotherapy improves the microcirculation in the scalp, restoring the health of your hair. This procedure is also known as mesoplasty or mesohair. The drug is injected into the epidermis of your scalp, and it works its way down via the connective tissues to the deeper layers. The nutrient injected into your scalp promotes hair growth by reducing hair follicle shrinkage.

Let’s know,

Who Isn’t a Good Candidate for Mesotherapy?

  1. Mesotherapy should not be used by people with diabetes, liver disease, or kidney disease.
  2. If you have ever had a heart problem or are now experiencing one.
  3. Pregnant women or lactating mothers.
  4. If you are using an anticoagulant drug.
  5. Individuals who have a scalp infection or lesion.

Now, let’s talk about the topic of discussion,

Is Mesotherapy Effective For Hair Loss?

  • Mesotherapy aims to address hormonal imbalances at the root of most hair loss problems. Hair loss is exacerbated by other factors such as a lack of nutrients, stress, and poor blood circulation around the hair follicles.
  • Mesotherapy is a procedure that involves injecting a formula into your scalp to activate the mesoderm layer and promote hair renewal. It has been shown to help with alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, stress alopecia, and telogen effluvium.
  • It increases the volume of your hair by improving blood circulation and stimulating hair follicle growth. Mesotherapy also suppresses the DHT hormone and prevents male pattern baldness.
  • This method is well-liked and suggested by reputable hair professionals worldwide. According to most hair experts, mesotherapy has a 90% to 92% success rate for hair regeneration.

Now, let’s take a look at,

The Actual Procedure of Hair Mesotherapy

Hair loss can be treated using two types of mesotherapy: Chemical and mechanical. However, you will need several sessions to get apparent effects, each lasting at least 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your hair condition.

  1. Chemical Mesotherapy

Finasteride, buflomedil, minoxidil, biotin, and organic silicium are the constituents in the chemical mesotherapy formula. When the doctor injects the medicine, it improves the blood flow to your hair follicle. Chemical mesotherapy stimulates hair growth by increasing collagen synthesis.

  • 2. Mechanical Mesotherapy

The hair specialist would make micro-perforations on the bald spots of your scalp throughout this procedure. It will stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin, which will aid in the formation of new healthy hair cells.

How Long Do The Effects Of Mesotherapy Last?

The individual’s hair condition and health determine the duration of mesotherapy effects. You must receive the therapy once a week for at least four months to achieve a long-lasting effect. Mesotherapy usually takes eight sessions, and after the fifth treatment, you may observe effective results.

What Are The Side Effects of Hair Mesotherapy?

There haven’t been many reports of severe side effects from mesotherapy. There is minimal risk of adverse effects, especially if you go to a reputable hair clinic in Pune. However, you can experience some minor and common side effects such as:

  • Nausea
  • Lumps around the injection site
  • Edema
  • Itching

Mesotherapy has been linked to significant side effects in a small number of individuals.

Mesotherapy has gained vast popularity for promoting hair growth over the years because it is a non-surgical and painless process. The lack of scientific data supporting its efficacy has not tarnished the procedure’s reputation. However, before undergoing hair mesotherapy, we recommend obtaining professional advice. Make a mental note of any minor side effects due to the therapy.

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