What things you should take care of while selecting a hair transplant surgeon?

If you’re getting a hair transplant in Pune, make sure you get the most successful treatment. The most powerful way to cover your bald scalp is with a hair transplant.

In this article, our hair transplant surgeon in Pune is explaining factors to take care of when selecting a hair transplant surgeon.

Choosing the best surgeon and team for the treatment

It is by far the most significant factor when having a hair transplant procedure. We recommend that you perform extensive research before selecting a surgeon. Examine the surgeon’s credentials.

Additionally, inquire about the doctor’s background, as this will help you determine whether or not the doctor is qualified to treat you. You can read the reviews given by previous clients. It will provide you with a good picture of the surgeon and his approach to care.

Again, it is not only the surgeon who is essential; you must also be familiar with his team. If you choose the right clinic and physician, the technicians will also be highly knowledgeable.

Learn about your surgeon’s qualifications and experience.

Gather ample details about the doctor’s qualifications and experience before selecting the right surgeon for your treatment. You should inquire about your doctor’s speciality. You can also review all of your surgeon’s certifications.

Dr. Gajanan Jadhao is a well-known and highly qualified hair transplant surgeon. He’s been doing hair transplant surgery for eight years. He also conducts hair transplants in Kerala, in addition to his Pune clinic.

Both surgical approaches have a dual specialization.

When conducting the hair transplant operation, the surgeon must be a specialist in F.U.T. and F.U.E. procedures. The treatment method you choose is determined by your needs and the nature of the donor’s hair you have.

Both treatment methods have advantages and disadvantages. As a result, your hair transplant surgeon in Pune should be well-versed in these two procedures so that he can advise you on the best treatment option.

But the treatment method will be determined after a thorough review of the conditions. We tend to perform the F.U.E. method in the majority of cases. If you choose the F.U.E. treatment for your hair transplant surgery, your recovery would be much simpler.

Always go with the most up-to-date equipment and the safest clinic.

When choosing a clinic, you do not compromise on care and hygiene requirements. Before the operation:

  1. Schedule a consultation with the doctor.
  2. Before beginning treatment, make sure you have all of the relevant details about the clinic.
  3. Check to see if the surgeon is using the latest up-to-date equipment and techniques.
  4. Remember that your hair transplant surgeon in Kerala should be well-versed in the latest up-to-date methods.

La densitae Pune and La densitae Kerala are both fitted with cutting-edge clinical facilities. All of our equipment complies with universal medical codes.

Also, we take great pride in our clinic’s cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere. Many of our employees are well-versed in the most up-to-date care methods.

Before the treatment, you can have a one-on-one consultation

Another significant aspect to remember is a comprehensive consultation. Before undertaking hair transplant surgery, every reputable hair transplant surgeon would insist on consulting with you.

The best time to address the patient’s needs is during the consultation session. If your expectations are unreasonable, our doctor will walk you through the whole scenario.

Don’t get caught up in the salespeople’s words. You should avoid the clinic if the salespeople are providing the initial consultation.

Before undergoing the operation, we at La densitae always recommend that you meet with our experienced hair transplant surgeon for a consultation.

Costs and follow-up

You should be aware of the cost of a hair transplant in Pune before treatment. In general, the cost of hair transplant treatment is dictated by the number of sessions and hair grafts needed for your procedure.

Get a good understanding of the price during your first consultation visit. Then take your time and prepare as per the specifications.

The cost of hair transplants in Kerala and Pune is within everyone’s budget. In some instances, the price is calculated per graft. It ranges from Rs. 20 to Rs. 40 per hair graft, with each graft containing two to four hairs.

Do not opt for a low-cost alternative for your care. A hair transplant surgeon with sufficient expertise and experience will price his or her services following industry standards.

In addition, make sure that your hair transplant surgeon in Pune provides sufficient aftercare. Even though the operation is safe and without side effects, our hair transplant surgeon can take care of any problems that occur after the procedure.

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