Why should you undergo an eyelash hair transplant in Kerala?

Why should you undergo an eyelash hair transplant in Kerala?

Numerous individuals accept that their eyes are their most important resource. At the point when you converse, you look at one another without flinching to associate and try to understand what’s being said.

Eyebrows can help you express feelings, for example, bliss, shock, or outrage. Socially, you will be valued long, full eyelashes and combining them with great wellbeing and engaging quality.

They can make the white part of the eyes ‘pop,’ working connected with your eyebrows to gather attention and focus on eye contact.

Your eyelash is one of the most attractive features of your face. If you undergo eyelash hair transplant surgery, you can get a gorgeous look by replacing only this small but significant feature.

In most cases, people generally go for artificial eyelash extensions. As a result, fixing them and removing them after use are regular works. It is hectic work to do.

You may feel tired about the use of artificial extensions of your eyelashes every day. So, you may like to have natural-looking beautiful eyelashes that can stay with you for the long term.

Our hair transplant treatment in Kerala is one of the best facilities available in Kerala. Here we provide the eyelash hair transplant treatment for you. To learn about your eyelash hair transplant cost in Kerala, you should book an appointment with us.

There is excellent news for people who are living in Kerala that all our treatments are easily affordable. Along with this, they should not have to worry about safety measures because we will take good care of safety.

An eyelash hair transplant treatment is a simple method of restoring your healthy hair follicles from your hairy body parts to your eyelash area.

We can use your scalp hair, beard hair, or body hair to perform the surgery. Generally, we recommend this treatment if you have less amount of hair in your eyelash.

Since ancient times, many civilizations have shown interest in beautiful and long eyelashes. There was a trend of making the eyebrows attractive to attract attention. For example, we can say the decorative eyes of ancient Egyptian paintings.

Other than the aesthetic part, a proper eyelash protects your eyes from external dust and debris. So, if you do not have an adequate amount of hair in your eyelash, we can suggest you the treatment.

So, what is the procedure of eyelash hair transplant surgery?

The procedure of the treatment is as same as any hair transplant surgery. It will include the followings-

  • Cleaning and shaving the donor region.
  • Application of mild sedative on the donor location.
  • After that, we will undergo the FUE technique to perform the surgery. Because there is a scope of a faster recovery in case the treatment method is FUE.
  • The central part of eyelash hair transplant treatment is fixing the extracted hair follicles in the proper direction to look natural.
  • Our surgeon focuses on this aspect vividly. Hence, he will take individual hair grafts from the donor area and then implant them into your eyelash area.
  • Here, our surgeon will use a special eyelash hair transplant needle, which will help make a tract over your eyelid.
  • It will require 50 to 100 single hair follicles into each of your upper eyelids. Then we can continue with the lower eyelid hair transplant.
  • Here the precision of our surgeon is mandatory. The surgeon will implant the hair at an exact angle to look similar to eyelashes’ other hairs.
  • But the number of hair follicles in eyelash hair transplant treatment will be according to your requirements.

We have seen that patients who have undergone eyelash hair transplant treatment became more confidant and happy about their new look. It helped them to call attention too.

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