Tips to prevent hair loss in Monsoon

Tips to prevent hair loss in Monsoon

Monsoon is finally here!

The idea of opening our hair and doing a rain-dance in the rain is so thrilling, isn’t it?

But don’t let this thrilling experience turn into a threatening experience!

Don’t let this excitement turn into gloominess!

Don’t let this joy turn into misery!

And you can avoid your excitement and joy from turning into gloominess and misery by protecting your hair and preventing hair loss!

Yes, hair loss is one of the major problems experienced in monsoon season! Monsoon pleases our heart but not our hair! The polluted rainwater is harmful and damaging to our hair!

So, that means to prevent hair loss, one needs to sacrifice the thrilling experience of getting wet and dancing in the rain with open hair?

Of course not!

One can take the pleasure of dancing in the rain without sacrificing their hair! One can satisfy their heart as well as their hair in the monsoon!


By following the simple tips mentioned in the article to prevent monsoon hair loss!

Yes, this article gives tips on how to have a happy monsoon in a real sense without sacrificing your hair! This article gives tips on how to have a joyous and not painful monsoon!

Don’t let the magical and blissful raindrops turn into drops of agony and pain!

Don’t let the blissful feeling of raindrops touching your hair turn into a painful feeling!

But what if the raindrops have already become an agony for you and led to hair loss?

Don’t worry! You can get your hair loss treated by visiting the best hair transplant clinic in Kerala. It provides cost-effective and the best hair transplant in Kerala.

What are the tips to prevent hair loss?

The tips that help prevent hair loss are as follows-

  • Shower after a rain shower: You can take the joy of getting wet in the rain. But for this joy to persist, make sure after having a rain shower, do have a head shower with a shampoo! Yes, washing your hair with shampoo is a must especially during monsoon season. It helps to wash away the pollutants on your hair and prevent hair fall and breakage of hair. So regular hair wash should have a big tick mark on your monsoon to-do list!
  • Drink a lot of water: Let’s make the cause of the problem the solution of the problem! Water(rainwater) is the cause of hair loss, so let us make water only the solution for hair loss! We can do this by drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated! Yes, water helps in washing off the toxins from our body that are toxic for our body as well as our hair and cause hair loss! Yes, the cause of the problem(water) is also the solution to the problem!
  • Oil your hair: Oiling your hair is one of the oldest yet popular and effective tips to prevent hair loss. Massaging your hair with oil and then doing a hair wash can keep your hair protected from the monsoon season! Hair oil nourishes our hair and avoids frizziness. But make sure to oil your hair in limits as the scalp is already oily during the monsoon season.
  • Eat healthy: It is advisable to include essential nutrients in your diet. Eating healthy not only makes our body healthy but also makes our hair healthy! Just like our body needs nutrients to stay healthy, our hair also needs nutrients to stay healthy! So, providing our hair with essential nutrients such as protein and iron is necessary. We can do this by consuming a protein-rich diet and by following a balanced diet. It is necessary to avoid eating unhealthy and junk foods to avoid hair fall and damage.
  • Avoid caffeine: Caffeine can make you fresh but excess caffeine can make your hair dry and dull! Caffeine leads to dehydration which leads to hair loss! So, it is essential to avoid consuming caffeinated beverages and instead go for non-caffeinated beverages such as milk and herbal tea to prevent monsoon hair loss!
  • Moisturize your hair: Moisturizing your hair is important to keep it hydrated. Moisturizers protect your hair from heat and enhance the shine and volume of hair. They help in preventing monsoon hair loss.
  • Do not tie your hair: Avoid tying wet hair. Tying your hair when they are wet can cause hair fall and breakage of hair. So, if you’ve got wet in the rain, make sure you keep your hair open and not tie them.

By following the above tips, you can surely prevent monsoon hair loss and have a happy and safe monsoon! In case, you still suffer from hair loss, it is advisable to seek help from a hair transplant doctor in Kerala for a hair transplant treatment. Hair transplant treatment in Kerala is an effective way of treating the problem of hair loss. And you don’t need to worry about the cost! The hair transplant cost in Kerala is very affordable!


Our hair always protects our head from damage! It is a shield for our head! Now it is time for us to protect our hair and be its shield! Monsoon season is a season of joy and excitement but not for our hair. Our hair is at greater risk during monsoon season. Monsoon-related hair loss is very common! But we can prevent monsoon-related hair loss by being an umbrella for our hair! We can protect our hair from the ill effects of rain by being an umbrella for our hair. Just like an umbrella protects us from rain, we can protect our hair from rain by following the tips mentioned in the article. Hair loss can also be prevented by visiting and seeking help from a hair transplant doctor in Kerala.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book an appointment now!

Let’s make this monsoon full of gains and no pains! And we can do this by protecting our hair! By protecting our hair, we also protect our happiness and excitement brought by the monsoon season! So, it’s now not the time to lose hair, happiness, and excitement but to preserve them by protecting our hair from damage and hair loss!

Have a happy and safe monsoon!

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